How to Re-send the invite email

When you add a new user to SPOTIO it will automatically send the user an invite email asking them to create the password. Occasionally users don’t receive the initial invite email so we send out an SMS text to their mobile phone number as well. If they still can't locate the email or if for some reason they are unable to receive the text, no worries.  SPOTIO gives you the option to easily resent the invite email/SMS to the user. 

How to:

To resend the invite you'll need to be logged into the web app( Once you're logged in access settings > users > user management, locate the invited user and tap the pencil icon next to their name to edit.  Once the edit screen opens you will see an orange “re-send invite” button that you need to click in order to resend the user the invite email.

If you have resent the invite email/SMS and they are still saying they haven’t received it then you can always manually set up the password for them utilizing the “copy activation link” button.

Check out the video below where we will walk you through how to resend the invite and utilize the copy activation link.

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