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Understanding Sync Status

Samantha Mayes
Samantha Mayes
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What’s Covered in this Article:

  • What is Sync Status?
  • How to log a visit or lead in Sync Status
  • How to use Sync Status 

What is Sync Status?

One of the features that SPOTIO has is our sync status, which is useful in an area with limited data coverage. This feature is often referred to as "low-data mode". When working in a low-data area you will notice that you have limited features available since you aren't using a data connection. This feature will allow you to continue to add leads in these areas with a low data connection. You can find the Sync Status section by going to your settings (by clicking on your profile picture or the circled silhouette if you don't have a picture) then you will click Sync Status. 

example for the setting button. .jpgsync status button.jpg


How to Use SPOTIO Sync Status

The map feature requires a data connection (cellular or wifi), so you will need to load the area of the map you will be working in before you head to a low-data area. You will need to zoom in until you see the outlines of buildings, or you can add the leads manually. After you have added all your pins when you get back to an area with a better data connection, SPOTIO will have your leads in the Sync Status queue and they will automatically sync with the server and be added to the pipeline. Sometimes you may need to manually sync Leads with the circle arrow in the top right corner of the app.


How to log a Visit in Sync Status
To log a visit you will click on the already loaded home and enter the information of the lead and click "log visit". This will move the lead into the Sync Status queue. If you do not have the area loaded, you can create the lead manually by pressing the plus (+) icon in the bottom-middle of your screen. Then click Lead, and click Manual. Here you can type in the information of the Lead and press Apply, then Add lead. This will then put the manually added lead into the Sync Status queue. 

giphy.gifgiphy (2).gif



Can I use Sync Status with no data connection?

No, you can use Sync Status with a low data connection, but not without any data at all. 

How do I turn on Low Data mode/Sync Status?

You cannot turn on low data mode/Sync Status, this feature automatically turns on when you enter a low data connection area.




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