Setting Up Your KPI Groups


Setting Up Your KPI Groups

The KPI groups were designed to help you classify your pin statuses to make it easier for Spotio to identify the business potential of each pin. Making sure your KPI Groups are setup in a way that will make the most sense for your business will make sure your Dashboard will accurately reflect your business goals and progress. 

Now that you know what the feature is used for you're probably wondering "How will this benefit me?". I'll tell you how!


Having your KPI groups setup properly will allow you to see at a glance the progress that your reps have been making in terms of weekly, monthly or long term goals. Need to know what time of the day you have the most sales? This is where KPI groups come into place, it allows us to properly track your teams metrics and give you the "Best time to knock" based solely on what and how you have your groups setup. Knowing the best time to knock can also help you with scheduling, why have 30 reps in the field at 9am when your best time to knock is 4pm? By 4pm they're tired and less enthused about getting a sale. Never have a stale sale again! :) 

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