Adding/Removing Report Fields


When you are in the reporting tab depending upon the type of report you are wanting to run you may need to add or remove report fields.

The report fields are going to be the column headers you see when you run the report.  If you have added a specific report field when you run the report if there is any information that matches that field in the system it will populate on the report.

To Add A Report Field:

On the left of the screen you should see a + Reports Fields.  If you click the + you will then see +PIN Details & +PIN Fields - these are going to be all the additional information that you can move over to the columns in your reports.

For example, if you are looking for the phone numbers & email addresses click the + next to PIN Fields.  When you see the drop down menu, click & hold the field you are looking to add to the report and then drag it over to the area under the other columns in the report

Once you have added the report fields you are looking for you will need to re run the report in order to get the fields to populate so please hit the orange Run Reports button at the top to re run it.

To Remove A Report Field:

In the center part of the screen you will see a grey banner under the "run report, add filters & export" buttons.  The different titles in the grey banner are going to be the report fields that populate when you run the report.  To remove the report fields; just right click the name and select remove to remove it from your report.

For example, if you are wanting to remove unit number, then move your cursor to unit number on the grey banner and right click.  When you right click you will get a little pop up menu that will say "remove", select this and unit will be removed from your report.

Want to watch us add and remove report fields to show you how; check out our video below:


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