How to Verify the Account Status of a Rep


           Unsure of a reps account status? Allow us to provide you a little assurance!


Viewing the status of an account is an easy process with minimal steps. First thing you’re going to do is access your account via the web app. Once logged in you will select “Settings”>>”Users”>>”Users Management”.

YOU MADE IT! On this page you’re going to want to make sure all status boxes are checked(shown below).



Now that all boxes are selected, all of your reps will appear no matter their status(shown below)


We have a total of 4 account Statuses:


Active: Is when a user account is active and in good standing


Inactive: Is when a user no longer has access to Spotio nor any of its content, an inactive user can be changed back to active by the account Admin at anytime


Invited: Is when you selected to add a “New” member and the invite has been sent to them via email. Once the user accepts it will then go into Trialling Status.


Trialling: All newly invited users will go into a 7 day trialling period, after that 7 day trial period they will become an active user if they elect to continue using the service.

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