Custom Reporting: Phone Numbers


Do you make weekly calls to your prospects? Perhaps you have someone else who does the calling for you and you want to compile a weekly list of customer's phone numbers for them to followup with. Whatever your reasons may be I'll show how to create and run this report! 

Steps: Log into your web app(

  • Access Reports>New Report>Standard>Add Filters
  • From here you will select the drop down arrow, tap the + next to Pin Fields, select Phone(Default) and have it "not equal" to (blank). At this point you can run the report if you want all the phone numbers entered into the account, no matter the date/time frame.

If you want to get a little more specific and see phone numbers entered on pins for a specific time frame you will want to add in a secondary filter.

To add a second filter:

  • You will select the drop down, tap the + next to Pin Fields and select "updated date" and "between" for the range and select your dates.
  • You're now ready to run it! Select Run Report and any pins that have phone numbers attached within your chosen date range will appear.
  • Export it and you're done!! Easy right?Screen_Shot_2018-02-01_at_12.07.18_PM.png

For a visual please see attached video:


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