Custom Reporting: Appointments and Whom they were ran by


Running a report that details specifics such as appointments scheduled between a certain date range or ran by a specific person can all be done within Spotio. Let's learn how! 

Getting a report that reflects the amount of appointments within a month, week, etc is easy to accomplish. However if along with that you are wanting to know which rep/tech ran that appointment you will want to make a few adjustments to your pin settings.

Best practice for creating a custom single choice field that includes all tech's names. You can learn more on creating custom fields here. Now that you've gotten that complete we can continue :) 

  1. Access Reports>New Report>Standard Report>Add Filters
  2. Select the drop down arrow and select the + next to Pin Details and choose "Appointments". You'll want to change the "equals" to "between" and choose your date range
  3. You will now add a secondary filter by selecting the drop down arrow and selecting the + next to Pin Fields
  4. Choose the custom field that you created for the tech's name who ran the appointment. I named my field "Appointment Ran By" 
  5. Select the rep's name and...
  6. RUN the report

Any appointments created during the chosen time frame and ran by the chosen tech will appear. Screen_Shot_2018-02-01_at_1.02.05_PM.png

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