Daily Report(How to create your own)


While we provide you and your reps the option of receiving both DAILY and WEEKLY reports. I'll be walking you through creating your own in the event that our automated report doesn't come in time for a meeting or perhaps you no longer have access to the email address associated with your account, whatever the reason may be we got you covered. 

How to: 

Step 1: You'll want to start by logging into your account from our web app(app.spotio.com). Once logged into the account you will access Reports>New Report>Standard>Add Filters. Once here you will select the drop down arrow and tap on the + next to Pin Details, locate and select updated date and have it equal the previous day or a certain date that you are trying to get the data for and hit Run Report. After running the report and getting all data associated with that date populated you can now export the file. 

Step 2: Open your exported file into Excel. Here you will start by selecting the Insert tab at the top of the excel spreadsheet>Pivot Table(DO NOT make any changes here) click "OK". After selecting ok you will then set your table up like below. You will have to use the drag and drop technique to move the "Field name" under the appropriate section and Wa-La!! 

You've got Data!  Screen_Shot_2018-02-13_at_2.40.12_PM.png

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