How Does Billing Work? FAQ


Billing can be a little complicated sometimes. We try our best to make it simple but even simple isn't as simple as we think :) I'll break down our billing to help you get a better understanding. 

How are you billed?

The simple answer, once a month on the same date each month.                                            Your billing begins the day you sign up for Spotio. If you open your account with us on 1/19 your billing date will be the 19th of each month. We will not bill you more than once a month for your services, you may incur other charges such as one time add ons but you will be only charged your monthly service fee once a month. 

Is a Debit/Credit card required for billing?

Yes it is! All payments are automated and will be withdrawn from your account on the same date each month. Please remember to update your payment method here if you receive a new card.

What are Pro-rated charges and how did you get them? 

The only time you will see prorated charges on your invoice is if you added a user/users during the previous billing cycle. As explained above we only charge you once a month for your service fee so if you add a user after your fee has been paid for the month it will be added to your next cycle's bill as a prorated charge. *If you cancel your account before the billing cycle with the prorated charges added you will still be responsible for that amount of service used*

Are you billed at the beginning or end of the cycle?

Excellent Question!! We bill at the beginning of the cycle(so you pay ahead of time). If you make a payment on 1/19 your cycle for that payment is 1/19-2/19 and your next payment isn't due until 2/19. 

Is there a grace period?

Unfortunately because we are month to month service we don't offer a grace period. A "upcoming renewal" email is sent to all of customers 3 days prior to your payment date as a reminder. 

Need to dispute a charge?

Please contact support via email or reach us via in-app chat



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