Andrea Gallardo
Andrea Gallardo

Territories are SPOTIO’s way of designating where you have your team members go out and work.  The territories can be drawn to match a specific area you are looking for or you can create zip code specific and even select the area you would like such as city, county or state.  This is how you can designate one or more areas you are wanting to the team member to focus on.

Creating a Territory:

Territory Name - Pick a name for the territory.  This can be location-based, rep based or any other name that would be descriptive for you and your team to be able to easily identify the area.

Belongs To: If you have a manager who has a team, you would want to assign the territory you are creating to the manager's overall territory.

  • Example If your manager oversees a team on Dallas you will want to put the new territory to belong to ‘Dallas’
  • It is important to make sure that if you are putting the new territory inside the boundaries of the parent territory.

Color: You can pick one of our predetermined colors or you can customize it with it by going through the colorization picker and choosing your custom color.

Assign: Pick the rep or reps that will be working this territory.

Draw, Zip or Select.

  • Draw: you can move over to the map and start to click where you would like to drop an anchor point and continue to move around placing anchor points You can zoom in and out of the map and drop as many anchor points as needed to create specific lines for the area to complete the drawing of the territory it's like connect the dots, connect the first anchor point to the last one and that will close the territory.


  • Zip Code/postal codes: If you have zip code/postal code specific territories you can type in the zip code/postal code


  • Select: If you have a state, county or zip/postal code you would like to create specific territories for you can click on the area and SPOTIO will draw the area for you.


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    Henry Goodelman

    Is it possible to draw turf on mobile through the app? How does drawing function when not pointing and clicking? Is there a lasso draw function?


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