Territory Management: Creating and Managing Territories

Brandy Billiot
Brandy Billiot

Territories are a way of organizing areas based on geographical locations. The goal of creating territories is to track and organize leads in a more meaningful way. 

Creating Territories

Territories can only be created on the web app. To create a territory: 

  1. Click the Map icon on the left gray sidebar.
  2. On the right side panel, select the Territories icon.
  3. Tap the yellow Add button.
  4. Give your territory a name.

Pro tip: Territory name can be location-based, rep based or any other name that would be descriptive for you and your team to be able to easily identify the area.


When it comes to actually mapping out the territory, there are three different ways to do so: Draw, Select, and Zip/Postal.

Draw Territory

When selecting the Draw tool, you can begin dropping points around the area to be mapped. You can drop as many points as you need to create custom boundaries for the territory. Close off your territory by connecting the final point to another dropped point on the map, closing the loop.


Pro tip: This tool is ideal for creating territories based on neighborhoods. It allows you to be precise around the borders.

Select Territory

When you use the select option, you can click anywhere on the map to create based on the State, ZIP Code, City, or County you'd like SPOTIO to automatically draw for you.


*For territories in Canada, only state, ZIP code, and city will appear with this option.

ZIP or Postal Code Territory

If you have ZIP or postal code you can simply type in the ZIP or postal code and it will outline it as a territory on the map. 


Pro tip: You can also stack zip codes. Simply type in each zip code you would like to create a territory within. This is ideal for making larger territories by connecting neighboring zip codes together.

*Only US, Canada and UK codes are supported with this option.

If you need to modify the territory boundaries, you can click the Adjust Territory Boundary button. You can also remove the territory boundaries by hitting the Reset Boundary button.

With all options, you can choose the color for the area. You can also choose to assign a rep or multiple reps to that territory (although this is not required). Those assigned do need to have Limited territory access, which can be adjusted in the user's profile. 

Finish creating the territory by clicking the yellow Create button at the bottom.

Screen Shot 2023-11-29 at 10.26.08 AM.png

Editing a Territory

Any territory can be edited by selecting the territory and clicking EDIT button in the top right corner of the panel.

You can also click on the settings gear for the territory and select Edit territory

Screen Shot 2023-11-29 at 12.07.56 PM.png

Once your edits have been made, be sure to hit the Save button. 

Deleting a Territory

If you need to delete a territory, you can click the settings gear of the territory and hit Remove Territory. A confirmation box will appear letting you know that removing a territory will not affect your records and/or users within that territory.


If you are attempting to delete a parent territory, meaning a larger area with smaller areas inside, you will have to delete the internal territories first. When trying to delete a larger parent territory, you will receive a message indicating this is a parent and list the smaller territories within that area to be deleted first. You can hit Got It or click the X to close. 

Managing Territories

If you have a manager who needs to oversee a territory, you would want to assign the territory you are creating to the manager's overall territory. You can select the Belongs To and select the appropriate parent territory. 

  • Example: If your manager oversees a team on Dallas, you will want to put the new territory to belong to ‘Dallas’.
  • It is important to make sure that you are putting the new territory inside the boundaries of the parent territory.


Who can create a territory?

All Account Admins are able to create territories. Those will Manager access can create territories IF given permission to do so. An Account Admin can give territory permissions to allow Managers to create, edit, and/or delete territories, as well as assign users to territories. Sales reps are not able to create territories. 

Will territories prevent reps from working outside their assigned area?

No but SPOTIO will alert the rep that they are working outside their area. This notice should make the rep aware to move back within their boundaries assigned. The rep can still bypass the note and drop records beyond their assigned area.

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    Is it possible to draw turf on mobile through the app? How does drawing function when not pointing and clicking? Is there a lasso draw function?


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