Leads - Understanding what they are


Tracking the locations that your team has been to is critical to making sure that you have proper visibility into their daily and weekly activities.  Leads are SPOTIO’s way of tracking the locations and giving a visualization of them on a map and list as to where they have been.

These are the icons on the map that designate the location that you have visited.  When utilizing SPOTIO on whether the web app or the mobile app, you will place a lead on location.

  • Contacts:
    • Inside each lead, you will be able to add in the contacts that they meet at the location.
    • You can add multiple contacts per lead allowing you to track multiple points of contacts at each location.
    • To add a new contact on the lead, click the + sign
  • Details
    • Value - This is where you can enter in the estimated value of the deal
    • Custom Fields - When the account is built you can add in custom fields and depending upon the lead stages the lead is going to then you will need to fill out certain fields that are required to move the lead from one stage to another.
  • Activities
    • Note: Add a specific note with the details regarding the location or the contacts tied to the lead
    • Visit:  this is a date & time specific recording where you will be going back for an onsite visit
    • Call:  this a date & time specific for recording a follow call or scheduling out a future call reminder
    • Email: this a date & time specific for recording an email or scheduling out a future email to send.
    • Appointment:  this is date & time specific to when an appointment that you have at a location
    • Quality: This is a date & time specific reminder for when to qualify that the lead has a need or a want for your product or services.

When you view the lead details you will be able to see a pop up on the side of the screen pertaining to the details entered when creating the lead.  The immediate pop up will show you the info on the lead but there 4 options on the side:

  • Screen_Shot_2018-06-18_at_12.29.05_PM.png Info - The pop up will show up the basic details on the lead
  • Screen_Shot_2018-06-18_at_12.28.55_PM.pngActivity Feed - This will show you all the changes and activities pertaining to the lead
  • Screen_Shot_2018-06-18_at_12.29.00_PM.pngAttachments - you can attachments to the lead to attach records.  
  • Screen_Shot_2018-06-18_at_12.30.06_PM.png‘Go To Details’ - will take you to full page detail screen
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