**Warning** You have to use SPOTIO import template to import the data into your account.  If you don't use the template the data will not transfer correctly.

SPOTIO’s importing tool allows you to take an outside CSV file and import it into SPOTIO, so you can drop PINs into your account in bulk.  

This will allow you to take any outside list from a CRM or a current or past customer list and import them into your account so your team will have access to them when they are out in the field.



You will want to download the sample spreadsheet provided and then copy your data into the columns provided.  The headers on the sample spreadsheet are what SPOTIO will use to identify the fields to import into including your contacts and custom fields.  If you don't have any data in that column just leave it blank - the system will ignore it when it imports.


Question: Do I have to pick a Stage?

Answer: No, if you don't assign a Stage to the list then everything that you import will default to your first stage in the pipeline

Question: Do I have to pick a Lead Owner?

Answer: No.  While you don't have to assign the leads on the list to a specific rep on your team, all leads do have to be owned by someone.  If you don't assign the leads to a person here when we import we will default them to the account admin.

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