**Warning** You have to use SPOTIO import template to import the data into your account.  If you don't use the template the data will not import correctly.

SPOTIO’s importing tool allows you to take an outside CSV file and import it into SPOTIO, so you can drop PINs into your account in bulk.  

This will allow you to take any outside list from a CRM or a current or past customer list and import them into your account so your team will have access to them when they are out in the field.



You will want to download the sample spreadsheet provided and then copy your data into the columns provided.  The headers on the sample spreadsheet are what SPOTIO will use to identify the fields to import into including your contacts and custom fields.  If you don't have any data in that column just leave it blank - the system will ignore it when it imports.

If you have not already formatted your data Click Here to learn how to format your import file. 


After you have formatted your file, you can search your file or drag and drop the file into this section. 



After you add the file you will have the option to override the data already in your account and/or start the import. 


Override data will overwrite any current information in the lead. Not clicking this will add to the lead. We will match leads by the address and add them to the current lead. 


Once "Start Import" is created you will see a few options

  • Imported- The file has successfully imported and you will see leads adding to the account. 
  • Not imported- There is an error with the file, and you will be able to download the Error import file. 
  • Waiting- The system is waiting for the admin to click "Start Import" 
  • Deleted- Leads in this file will be deleted and removed from the account If these leads have been updated since the import they will still be deleted from the account and we are unable to recover this data. 




How can I update leads already in SPOTIO?

Every SPOTIO Lead has a unique identifier associated with it.  When you export your leads into a .csv file you'll see this Id in the first column.  To update this lead in your SPOTIO account you can put it in the "External Lead Id" column on the import template and we will find that lead and update it.

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