5 Differences between Spotio Legacy & Spotio 2.0



By now, you’ve noticed that SPOTIO has made some big changes. In an effort to add value and support your sales processes we’ve created SPOTIO 2.0! So what is SPOTIO 2.0? And what makes it different from SPOTIO Legacy?


Well, SPOTIO 2.0 is a “whole ‘nother animal”!  This is not an update to SPOTIO Legacy. Using your feedback, we started from scratch and created a completely new product.


We’ve worked hard to maintain the elements that made our Legacy product great and we’ve introduced a lot of new features that will take your organization to the next level. With that said there are five major differences between SPOTIO Legacy and SPOTIO 2.0.


  1. Status vs Stage – Statuses have been changed to Stages to mimic the stages in your sales process. This is how you will track a lead.

  2. Territory Management – The key to determining your user's permissions and the area they will manage or operate within.

  3. Performance Dashboard - A tracking system for activities your reps complete. This can include; visits, calls or appointments.

  4. Data 2.0 – This data allows you to go beyond just adding pins on a map. You’ll be able to monitor your sales process as a whole or by a sales representatives activities.  This will help you to determine where gaps in a process may occur and highlight where improvements can be made.

  5. New Features – We’ve added more Integration options to connect to your calendar or CRM. As well as a host of new data providers that can provide lead information and enhance your map views.



Join Trey & Julie as they walk you through these 5 key differences below:


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