Reading the Pipeline

Julie Alton
Julie Alton

The Pipeline view in SPOTIO works to help you gain visibility into the leads that your reps are working within their territories as well as what stages they’re currently in. You can see which leads are still within the beginning stages and which are close to closing providing you a simple way to know how your sales team is performing.

Pipeline View

From the Pipeline view screen, you will see a total contract value amount of all the leads within your pipeline as well as how many leads you are currently managing. The stages will be broken down, providing you with a running list of each lead within the stage as well as the total contract value of the leads within each stage.


You can filter the Pipeline view by clicking on the “Show Filters” option to the bottom left of the screen.


Clicking on the “Show Filters” option will pop up the filter menu where you can choose to filter by Time Frame, Territory, Field Rep, Stage, Activities, and Last Location Status. If you click on the “Add Options” button from within the Filter menu, you can filter the data by any custom fields that you currently have within your account.


Using the filters will allow you to break down the views by rep, giving you further visibility into their individual pipelines and see how many leads they are currently working on as well as what stage they have the most leads; valuable data to help coach and train your team to become the most efficient.

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