Creating Custom Fields

Julie Alton
Julie Alton

Creating Custom Fields

As leads progress through your Pipeline, there will be additional pieces of information that your Reps will need to collect in order as they continue to work on and build relationships with their prospects. Perhaps there is data that you would like for them to collect at certain stages to ensure that they are properly qualifying their prospects. With SPOTIO you have the ability to create Custom Fields and have them set for specific Stages in your Pipeline to make sure that your reps are gathering the appropriate information at the correct Stage in the sales cycle.

Creating a Custom Field

 You can create Custom Fields for both the contacts as well as the leads, the Contact fields are used to gather information about the customers and the Leads fields are used to collect more information gathered with each visit.

To access the Custom Fields Menu, click on the Settings icon on the bottom left hand side of the screen. Once the Settings Menu pops up, click on “Custom Fields” to access where we will create the new Custom FieldsPicture12.png

From the Custom Fields menu, you will see a list with 3 options: Contact, Lead Details, Lead Machine. You will select whether you want to add Custom Fields to either the Contact or the Lead Detail. In this example we will add a Custom Field to the Contact. Click on “Contact” and then click “Add Field”.


The “Add Custom Field” menu will pop up allowing you to create a Title for the custom field and select which type of field you will want to create, you can choose from one of 8 options: Email, Text, Phone Number, Single Choice, Multichoice, Date, Number, or Address. You can also set which stages that the field will be required on.


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