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Brandy Billiot
Brandy Billiot
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SPOTIO gives you the opportunity to gain visibility into your organizations' pipeline by building out custom stages. You get clear visibility into where your records are in your sales process by placing them into their respective stages. The great thing about SPOTIO is that you can customize the stages to best fit the needs of your organization to provide you the most visibility into your sales.

Creating Custom Stages

Creating a Custom Stage in SPOTIO is a very simple process to follow and can be done at any time by the Account Admin. 

To add a new stage:

  1. Login to the web app.
  2. Click on the Settings gear on the bottom left.
  3. Tap on Workflow.
  4. Under What are you tracking, click the small blue settings gear.
  5. Click on the Stages tab.
  6. Drag and drop the Add Stage tile into the appropriate spot.
  7. Enter name and choose a color.
  8. Hit Create.


Once a custom stage has been completed, you do have the ability to modify it. Simply click on the small blue settings gear within the stage tile. This will open the Edit Stage panel, allowing you to rename the stage, adjust the color, or delete the stage. (If deleting a stage that currently has records in that stage, you will be prompted to reassign those to a different stage of your pipeline.) Be sure the hit the Save button when complete.

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 12.18.37 PM.png

Tip: Stages can be rearranged at any point. Just click on the stage tile and move into the appropriate spot.

Lost Records Stages

When adding a custom stage tile to the Lost Records section, you will have the ability to modify and/or add additional lost reasons. These reasons can differ if using multiple stages in the Lost Records category of the pipeline.

Once completed, click the Create button to save. 

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 11.42.30 AM.png

Pro Tip: Utilize the Loss Reasons report within SPOTIO's Dashboard. This built in report gives you insight into why and where deals are falling through in your sale's journey and provides coaching opportunities to help your team close more deals. 

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