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SPOTIO to Integration


Understanding that the landscape of the software world is one where specialized softwares should connect together and talk is of utmost importance we have put significant time and effort to create several avenues for our customers to sync SPOTIO to other softwares and in particular CRM (SFDC).

We have made available to our customers 3 ways to connect SPOTIO to SFDC.

Methods to Connect SPOTIO to SFDC

  1. Our native, out of the box integration - see documentation below
  2. Via Zapier - a third party app for connecting softwares

With these three options we are sure to be able to find a solution for your SFDC integration needs.

Discussed in detail in this document will be our native, out of the box integration.

SPOTIO has developed a native, bi-directional integration with SFDC to allow our customers to easily transfer valuable data from one platform to another thus eliminating double data entry, lost information and saving hours and hours of time.

For common questions see our FAQ section at the end of this document.

Executive Summary

Our integration will allow you to sync to either the Lead or Account object.  Leads/Accounts created in SPOTIO will be created in SFDC and any custom field information will be passed over based on the field mapping set up during the initial steps per below. Activities created in SPOTIO will be created as Tasks in SFDC.  Leads/Accounts updated in SFDC (fields not tasks) will be updated in SPOTIO.

SPOTIO’s Native SFDC Integration

Setting up the Sync

Step 1: Connect Your Account

You’ll be able to connect your SFDC account when you click the button.



Step 2: Choose Your Object and Your Filters

You can choose to create a Lead or Account/Contact/Opportunity in SFDC.  The way it works is that when a new Lead is created in SPOTIO it will either create a Lead or Account/Contact/Opportunity in SFDC depending on what you choose during setup.



Lead Object Sync

If your business model is Lead-Based Sales and you want your Salesforce Leads to sync up with SPOTIO, or your SPOTIO Leads to sync to Salesforce on the Lead Object, choose to sync to the Lead Object. You also have the option to convert your SPOTIO Leads to the Account/Contacts Objects in Salesforce.

To do so, just tic the checkbox for "Convert to Account/Contact" and select the SPOTIO stage at which your Salesforce Lead should be converted to a Salesforce Account/Contact.


Account Object Sync

If your business model is Account-Based Sales, you might prefer to choose the Account/Contact sync. This means that Leads you add into SPOTIO will sync to Salesforce as Accounts/Contacts, and your Salesforce Accounts/Contacts will sync into to SPOTIO.

To choose this option, just tic the checkbox for "Sync Accounts and Contacts".

Choose Your Filters

After selecting which object you want to sync, you will choose which datapoints from that object will come over into SPOTIO. This allows you to manage the flow of information from Salesforce into SPOTIO. You will choose what existing Salesforce enters SPOTIO, and exactly how much of it you want to see.

You can choose:

  1. Historical and Going Forward: Use this if you want to bring in all datapoints currently existing in your preferred Salesforce object and then anything you enter into the sync'd object going forward.
  2. Historical Only: Use this if you only want to sync your currently existing datapoints, and do not want Salesforce to update SPOTIO when you enter new datapoints.
  3. Going Forward Only: Use this if you don't want to import any current information, and only want Salesforce to update SPOTIO when you enter new datapoints.


Then, you can choose how to filter the data coming in from Salesforce. 
Maybe you want to focus your teams on Leads from a specific industry, and you want to be sure that you are not pulling in data from certain Salesforce lead owners.

Select the Salesforce Fields you want to filter by, then describe whether you want to filter this information In (Equals) or Out (Not Equals).


With the above filters selected, you would see all Salesforce leads with the Industry filter of Chemicals, unless they belonged to Lane Buckman. 

Step 3: Set Your Sync from SPOTIO to Salesforce

If you want your SPOTIO information to update your Salesforce data, then you want to turn on the sync from SPOTIO to Salesforce. NOTE: This will not import historical data, but only any information you update going forward. Just tic the checkbox for "Turn On" to get the sync started.


You may also turn on the Selective Sync to filter what information you want SPOTIO to share with Salesforce.

Choose the SPOTIO field you want to filter by, then the SPOTIO Stages at which you want this information to sync to Salesforce, and any further criteria related to those reasons.


Choose a name for your filter and click "Next".



Step 4: Map Out Your Fields

After choosing which SFDC object you want to connect to and how much of it you want to see, you will need to choose the details you want to see from that information. You need to select the specific fields you want to share information.

Fields from your chosen object will populate below so you can easily map the SPOTIO field to the Salesforce field.  Map only the fields you want to send over from SPOTIO.


It's really simple to pick what you want and don't want! In the event that your SPOTIO field doesn't match your Salesforce picklist options exactly, you can either update your Salesforce picklist options or just map your SPOTIO information to the corresponding value in Salesforce. SPOTIO Stages to Salesforce Statuses are one such example:


Step 5: Map Your SPOTIO Activities to Events or Tasks

The SPOTIO native Salesforce integration allows you to map Activities and/or Visits to Salesforce as Events or Tasks. NOTE: Visits will only map to Salesforce as Events.

To map, choose Event or Task, then select the information from the SPOTIO Activity or Visit that you want to sync back into Salesforce. 



Step 6: Map Your Default User

In the event that a Salesforce user doesn't match a SPOTIO user, you can choose a SPOTIO user as a default Lead owner. We recommend choosing someone who will be responsible for assigning Leads on an ongoing basis, like an Account Admin or a manager.


Step 7: Turn It On!



What SFDC objects can we sync to?

During the setup process you will choose whether you want to connect to the Lead or Account object.

How does the field mapping work?  What information can I send back and forth?

During the setup all your SPOTIO fields and all the fields on the SFDC object will show on the screen for you to map per Step 4 above.  Any field in SFDC can be synced to SPOTIO and vice versa.

How does field validation work?  For instance, if a field is required in SFDC but not SPOTIO?

Currently any validation in SFDC is not pushed to SPOTIO.  SPOTIO does have the concept of “required fields” so if there is a required field in SFDC we recommend making it required in SPOTIO to prevent validation errors.

What happens if the sync does not work, who is notified?

In the SPOTIO integration settings we have a Log that shows all successful and unsuccessful syncs.  Currently there is no notification emailed however it is on our backlog to develop in the future.

Do Stage/Status changes made in SFDC show in SPOTIO?

Yes.  As long as the Lead/Account is synced and that field mapped in the settings it will be updated.

Do tasks created prior to the SPOTIO to SFDC integration sync over? Do Tasks created in SFDC post SPOTIO integration sync? Will Activities created in SPOTIO sync to SFDC?

No they don’t.  Only Activities created in SPOTIO after the sync will be sent to SFDC as a Task.  Tasks created in SFDC will not be created as Activities in SPOTIO.

Will a logged activity in SPOTIO create a new Task in SFDC?  What information is sent over when a new Activity in SPOTIO is created as a Task in SFDC?

The information sent is the Activity Date, Activity Description, Activity Name, Activity Status, When an Activity is marked as “Done” in SPOTIO the Task Status will be updated in SFDC.

Will tasks that are edited in SFDC sync to SPOTIO?


Do Leads/Accounts created in SFDC prior to SPOTIO integration sync?

You have the option at the beginning to bring in all the Leads/Accounts in SFDC.  We are currently building out the option to selectively sync the initial load.

Do Leads/Accounts that are edited in SFDC update in SPOTIO?

Yes, as long as the fields are mapped properly the update will occur.

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