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Samantha Mayes
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Life happens and sometimes we forget our passwords, we're all human!


Access to SPOTIO is available on the Mobile app and the Web app. In each environment, you will enter credentials specific to you. Mobile app users will enter their own phone number and then a randomized passcode will be sent via text. Web app users will enter their email address and password. If the password is unknown/forgotten it can be reset easily. 


What’s Covered in this Article:

  • Resetting the password on the Web app
  • Why you don't have a password for the Mobile app 

Reset Password from Web App - 

The SPOTIO Web app will allow you to reset the password by clicking the specified link and following the email instructions.

Step 1: Go to and click FORGOT PASSWORD.



You will be directed to the Forgot Password page where you will enter the email address associated with your account and click SEND RESET INSTRUCTIONS.



Step 2: Check your inbox.
An email with a reset link will be forwarded to you from .



Step 3: Click RESET PASSWORD FOR ‘COMPANY NAME’  in the email and you will be prompted on a different tab to change your password. Here you will enter and confirm your new password.

Why you don't have a password for the Mobile App

On the SPOTIO Mobile app, you will not have a password at all because your passcode is randomized each time you log in. With this feature, there is no need for a personalized password. The steps below will walk you through signing in on the Mobile app. 



Step 1:

  • Open the SPOTIO app and enter your phone number and click SIGN IN. Please note it is very important to use the number that is on your account to log in. 

Step 2:

  • A text and/or email containing a six-digit passcode will be sent to the number or email on your account.
  • Enter this passcode into the app and access will be granted. 
  • If the passcode is not received you can request a new one when the timer reaches 0:00.




What if I don't get the email to reset the password?
No problem, email our support team at and let us know so we can check your email in our system. 

Can I have two accounts with the same phone number or email?
No, every account has to have its own number and email since your email and number are both used as credentials to log in either on the Mobile app or Web app. 






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