Billing: How Expansion is Billed



As your organization grows you may see a need to expand your SPOTIO use by adding new user licenses. Your partnership with SPOTIO is highly valued and at all times we want you to know where you stand. In doing so we want to make clear indications of this change on your billing statement.


What’s Covered in this Article:

  • How New User Licenses Are Billed.
  • How Will An Expansion Charge Look On My Bill?  


How New User Licenses Are Billed.

Each SPOTIO account tier has a specified number of users.

  • Basic(Grandfathered Plans) - up to 2 users
  • Team - 5 users minimum
  • Business - 10 users minimum
  • Enterprise -  contact sales for more information


If you exceed the minimum amount of users you will incur an Expansion Charge at a rate determined by your account tier.


New users will appear as a Trialing for 7 days. During the 7 day trial period you will not be billed for these new user licenses. However, on the 8th day, the users will become active and you will be billed for them.


To avoid billing it is suggested to suspend the user's access before the trial ends.


How To See Expansion Charge Look On My Bill?

New users charges will appear on your invoice in two manners. As a One Time Charge or Add On. Each is determined by date in the billing cycle.


  • One Time Charge - prorated fee for user added in the middle of a billing cycle
  • Add On - full fee for user billed at the beginning of the billing cycle









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