Building a Territory Hierarchy for Business Plan 

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Territories are a critical component of your SPOTIO account. We want to ensure you are prepared and understand how to create and utilize basic Parent/Child Territories as well as advanced Territory Hierarchies.  


What’s Covered in this Article:

  • What is a Territory Hierarchy?
  • Why are Territory Hierarchies useful?
  • Requirements & Reminders
  • How to add a Territory
  • Territory Preferences/Customization
  • What are Parent/Child territories and How to View Them  
  • Editing and Deleting Territories


What is a Territory Hierarchy?  

A Territory Hierarchy is a way to ensure that multiple levels of employees (managers and sales reps) are assigned to specific areas. This enables you to have a large territory with smaller territories or teams within them that report to the manager of the large territory.


Why are Territory Hierarchies Useful?

Territory Hierarchies can benefit your company in the following ways:

  • Organization
  • Accountability
  • Synergy among Managers and Reps


Requirements & Reminders

  • Territories must be created on the Web App. We do not have this functionality on the Mobile App.
  • We highly recommend you use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. We do not currently support Edge or Internet Explorer.
  • When choosing which method to create your territories please remember the following availabilities:
  • Select - Globally 
  • Zip/Postal Code - Globally
  • Draw - All Countries
  • Be sure to start with the largest territory first. Once you have created territories you cannot create a large area around it; only smaller territories can be created within this area.
  • Admins will remain as global users so they can see all activities
  • Managers can be global or limited access. However, if a Manager is assigned to a territory they will automatically update to limited access,  meaning they can only see the territories they have been assigned and any territories within it.
  • Sales reps who have limited access and can only see territories they are assigned to.



How to Add a Territory:


Step 1:


Login to the SPOTIO web app. On the left-hand side of your web app select the Map Icon .

Once the Map is up select the Territories icon on the right-hand side. Then, select ‘Add’.







Step 2:


Know your territory customizations:

Territory Name

The public name of your territory. This name will be visible to whomever you assign it to.

Belongs To

This preference allows you to add a “child” territory to a “parent” territory. If this is the biggest territory you are creating (aka the “parent” territory) you will not select anything in this box.  

How to Draw a Territory:


  • Draw - Manually drop anchors and draw any shape you’d like. This option can be used by users with permissions to create territories in all countries.

How to Select a Territory: 


  • Select - Gives you the option of State, zip code, City and county. Currently.

How to create a Territory by Zip:

  • Zip/Postal Codes - Add by zip/postal code(s) and you can add multiple codes to the territory. 

Assigned Users

This preference enables you to assign territories to sales reps. Be sure that sales reps are added as users prior.  




Step 3:

To assign a “child” territory you’ll use the Belongs To preference. The system should automatically assign this for you. 








What are Parent/Child Territories


Parent Territory - the largest territory you create to encompass smaller territories or teams


Child Territory - the smaller territory that is under or within the larger Parent territory



How to View Parent/Child Territories 


Step 1:

Select the Map Icon  .


Step 2:

Once the Map is up select the Territories icon on the right-hand side. Here you can see which territories belong to the parent. The arrow points to the parent territory (DFW Tamales) and listed below each child territory is the name of the parent territory.



Additionally, you can select the ‘Hierarchy’ tab here to view your parent and child territories:



Each plus sign (+) indicates a parent territory and each minus ( - ) indicates the child belonging to that parent territory.


Editing and Deleting Territories



  • Deleting a Parent Territory will delete all Child Territories within it.
  • When editing a Parent Territory the size of the territory cannot be made smaller than the area around the Child Territories
  • Deleted territories cannot be restored; they must be re-created. 


Step 1:

Select the Gear Icon next to the name of your territory.


Step 2:


Select ‘Edit Territory’ or ‘Remove Territory’ based on your needs.



If you select ‘Remove Territory’ you will be given this message to confirm your deletion:





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