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Low Data Mode

Jasmine Moore
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Are you working in an area with poor cellular reception? Or, are you disconnected from your wifi source?  If so, you may see a message in your mobile app that states “Connection Unstable. Trying to Connect”.  If you’re seeing this, you have entered Low Data Mode.  


What’s Covered in this Article:

  •  What is Low Data Mode?
  •  How Does Low Data Mode Affect Me?


What is Low Data Mode?

Low Data Mode is feature SPOTIO has developed that allows you to continue to work in areas that don’t have a strong cellular data connection or where wifi is sparse. Though you connection may be limited, SPOTIO will still update your information and apply changes once you have reached an area with better connectivity.


How Does Low Data Mode Affect Me?

When your app displays “Connection Unstable. Trying to Connect” SPOTIO will begin to store any lead data that you enter while out in the field on your mobile device as it continues to attempt to make a strong connection to the server.

Once you move into an area with a strong cellular signal or wifi connection, SPOTIO will take all of your data that you’ve entered while in Low Data Mode and push it to the server for storage.


When this occurs you will see an update to all data that was changed while in Low Data Mode.


During this time, you may notice SPOTIO tell you that you are working outside your territory or that it may take longer to load, these are both due to the poor connection and once the connection issue resolves SPOTIO will resume functioning like normal.


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