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SPOTIO is committed to making you successful! Part of this commitment includes providing you with the tools to succeed. These tools include integrated map features such as InfoTap and Lead Machine.

What’s Covered in this Article

  •  What is InfoTap and Lead Machine?

  •  How to use InfoTap

  •  How to use Lead Machine

What is InfoTap and Lead Machine?

InfoTap and Lead Machine are map integrated data providers. They can provide reps valued information that can be used out in the field. This data can assist with identifying a type of lead or with organizing an existing client base.


InfoTap Data:

InfoTap provides reps with basic public data such as homeowner information. This can include the homeowner's name, number, and email.


Lead Machine Data: 

Lead Machine provides access to public and some non-public information as allocated by the provider. This can include neighborhood information, household salaries, and property types.


How to use InfoTap

InfoTap is only available on the mobile app and must be turned on within your account by an admin user. Once activated you may follow the instructions below on your mobile device.


Step 1: Go to the Map by clicking on the icon.

Step 2: Zoom into the Map by pinching the screen and tap on a house to reveal the InfoTap data in a yellow bar above the address.

Step 3: If a contact has a Phone Number or Email Address available you can click the phone or envelope icon to reveal contact information if available.

  • The phone icon links to sms messaging or messaging apps - it does not link to the phone for calls.
  • The envelope icon links to an email app.

How to use Lead Machine

Lead Machine is only available on the web application. To use Lead Machine you must have an active Lead Machine subscription and you must purchase Lead Machine Credits. Once credits have been purchased and Lead Machine has been activated within your account you can follow the instructions below within the web application.


Step 1: Log into and click  to get to the Map and click to access Lead Machine. 

Step 2: Click with your mouse to draw a Territory to search leads within.

Step 3 : Narrow down your lead search by choosing demographics located to the right of the screen.

Step 4: Click to add your leads.

Step 5: Once leads have been added you can click   to view them.



Admin note:  Please be sure to reach out to us at to ensure these features are activated for your account




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