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Need to know the distances between each of your appointments? Or, do you need to create a route for your day? Well, SPOTIO has a mobile app feature that can assist with that! The Driving Routes feature helps you to plan your day and be productive - not busy.  


What’s Covered in this Article:

  •  Why are Driving Routes beneficial?
  •  How to use the Driving Routes feature.


Why are Driving Routes Beneficial?

Simply stated; this feature is all about time management. SPOTIO wants you to be great! - and that starts with organizing and completing your assigned route. To assist with this we’ve designed a feature that will optimize a driving route for you based on your appointment time and location.


This will set a pace for your day and provide you with an itinerary that you can update as each appointment is completed.


How To Use the Driving Routes Feature:

Please be aware that this feature is only available on the Mobile App and the GPS must be enabled in order for it to function properly.  Routes will only be available for appointments with a date and time assigned to them.




Step 1:

  • First Log into the Mobile App and click Next when your name appears.
  • If prompted to enable GPS feature or give app permission to Location, please do so now, to ensure this feature will run as desired.

 Step 2:

  • Go to the Dashboard by clicking the  icon
  • Next click on “Schedule Today” to view your Appointments.
    • Screenshot_20190827-161615_Spotio.jpg
  • Click on the icon to access the Driving Routes feature.


Step 3:

  •  A list of all Appointments scheduled* for the day will appear and you can toggle between "Distance" and "Schedule" for your individualized route. Use "Distance" if your appointments don't have specific times attached to them. Use "Schedule" if your appointment has a definite start time.
    • Screenshot_20190827-161629_Spotio.jpg
  • When you have selected Distance or Schedule, click the  icon , your map app will open and you will be routed to the first scheduled appointment from your current location. From the first appointment, you will be routed to the next scheduled appointment.
    • Screenshot_20190827-161725_Spotio.jpg



*Appointments must have a date and time for it to be it be included in the driving route.  If an appointment is listed as an all-day appointment it will not appear in your driving route.



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