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Need to know the distances between each of your appointments? Or, do you need to create a route for your day? Well, SPOTIO has a mobile app feature that can assist with that! The Driving Routes feature helps you to plan your day and be productive - not busy.  


What’s Covered in this Article:

  •  Why are Driving Routes beneficial?
  •  How to use the Driving Routes feature.


Why are Driving Routes Beneficial?

Simply stated; this feature is all about time management. SPOTIO wants you to be great! - and that starts with organizing and completing your assigned route. To assist with this we’ve designed a feature that will optimize a driving route for you based on your appointment time and location.


This will set a pace for your day and provide you with an itinerary that you can update as each appointment is completed.


How To Use the Driving Routes Feature:

Please be aware that this feature is only available on the Mobile App and the GPS must be enabled in order for it to function properly.  


Step 1:

  • First Log into the Mobile App and click Next when your name appears.
  • If prompted to enable GPS feature or give app permission to Location, please do so now, to ensure this feature will run as desired.


Step 2:

  • Go to the Dashboard by clicking the  icon
  • Next click on “Schedule Today” to view your Appointments.
  • Click on the icon to access the Driving Routes feature.





Step 3:

  •  A list of all Appointments scheduled* for the day will appear in order of time and/or distance.
  • Click the  icon , your map app will open and you will be routed to the first scheduled appointment from your current location.


  • From the first appointment, you will be routed to the next scheduled appointment.





*Appointments must have a date and time for it to be it be included in the driving route.  If an appointment is listed as an all-day appointment it will not appear in your driving route.



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