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Here at SPOTIO, we know that having the latest information on your billing is important to your company. Whether you need statements for tax season or just want to see a detailed view of your charges, we have a few ways to help you get what you need.


What’s Covered in this Article:


Accessing Billing Statements

As an Admin or Authorized Recipient, the fastest way to receive your statements is to directly contact SPOTIO and request them. They will then be emailed directly to you.

Step 1:

Send an email to and request your billing statements. Please be sure to indicate which month(s) you are requesting.

Step 2:

One of our Customer Support team members will email the statement(s) you requested within your designated SLA.


Accessing User Charges via our Web App

Through our web app, you are able to quickly and conveniently access the types of charges you’ll incur based on your plan options.

Step 1:

Login to the Spotio web app and click on the gear icon in the bottom left-hand corner.





Step 2:

Select Billing at the top of the page and your details about plan and charges will show below.




Step 3:

View the page and see all your account details including your plan specifics, number of licenses, and what payment method you have selected.


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