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If you need to drill down on Map data or filter down based on a custom field, SPOTIO has a feature that can help you identify specific groups of your customers. The Colorization feature helps to define leads with common attributes and will display a color specific to each group.  

Options to Colorize

Colorization is a Map Filter that can be used to further differentiate or drill down into General Fields and/or Custom Fields in your map view. With this filter, you will be able to view the data on your Map as it refers to a particular search term.  

General Field Colorization include the following fields:

  • Stage - varies based on pipeline setup determined by the Account Admin
  • Days Since Last Activity - time frame since last activity
  • Days Since Last Visit - time frame since last logged visit
  • Number of Visit - logged visits
  • Number of Appointment - completed appointment activities
  • Last Visit Result - varies based on results determined by the Account Admin
  • Loss Reason - varies based on custom loss reasons determined by Account Admin
  • Record Source - web, iOS, Android, lead machine, Zapier, and import
  • User - names of the users in your account
  • Territory - geographical areas created by Account Admins and/or Managers
  • Last Location Status - verified, unverified, and unknown

Additional options your account may have available include:

  • Lead Machine criteria (Add on option available to purchase.)
  • Team Name (Teams need to be created.)
  • Single Choice/Multi-Choice Custom Fields

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How to Use the Colorization Feature

To access colorization on the web app:

  1. Go to the Map icon on the left gray sidebar.
  2. Click the vertical Show filters panel between the gray sidebar and map display.
  3. Select the option under Colorize Pins to apply. 
  4. Watch the colors change on the pins based on the option chosen.


  • A legend will appear in the bottom left corner of the map displaying the colors and number of records in the map view based on the selection.
  • Colors are automatically assigned to each filter option.
  • Unknown will appear white due to no data affiliated based on the color selection.
  • Please be aware that only one Colorization filter can be used and the colors cannot be modified.

Custom Field Colorization:

  • Any single choice or multi-choice custom field will appear here with their defining attributes.
  • An example of this would be:  Energy Company - TXU, Reliant, Green Mountain.

Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 2.09.45 PM.png

Last Visit Result Colorization:

  • Any Last Visit Result will appear here with their defining attributes.
  • An example of this would be: Not Home, Contacted, Follow Up.

Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 2.12.34 PM.png

Loss Reason Colorization:

  • Any Loss Reason will appear here with their defining attributes.
  • Examples of this would be: No Need, Bad Timing, Pricing.

Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 2.20.08 PM.pngTo learn how to utilize colorization on the mobile app, check out the Colorization - Mobile App knowledge base article.

Custom Colorization Settings

SPOTIO offers the ability to customize Days Since Last Visit, Activity Count, and Custom Fields colorization metrics in the Settings dashboard! The Colorization settings also provide Account Admins the ability to set the default map colorization value for all active and trialing users.

To learn more about Custom Colorization, including how to navigate and adjust these settings, please check out the Map Intelligence: Using Custom Colorization Knowledge Base article.


How do I edit the colors of the color options?

Most colors are automatically assigned to each filter option and cannot be edited. The ones that are editable are Days since Last Activity, Number of Activities, and Custom Fields.

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