Using Filters


Using Filters


Here at SPOTIO we want to provide business visibility into sales activities to help your business thrive and improve your sales process! That’s why we have Filters that help you drill down and pinpoint the exact information you’re looking for.


What’s Covered in this Article:

  • Access Filters on the web app
  • Filters Customizations on web app
  • Create and Save Custom Filters on web app
  • Access Filters on the mobile app


Access Filters - Web App

 Step 1:

Login to the SPOTIO web app. You can then access Filters from any of the following tabs: Map , Pipeline  or Dashboard  and get the details you're looking for.


Step 2:

 Hover over the vertical “Show Filters” menu that sits next to the left-hand side and it’ll highlight green when you get to it. Click on the menu and the Filter menu will open.



Filter Customizations

 When setting up your Pipeline (), viewing your Map (), or Dashboard () you can select special fields to capture details from your sales team in order to make the biggest impact. We’ve made it easy to filter by those details that are most important to you!


Step 1:  

 Expand the Filters menu on whichever view you would like to see.


Dashboard Filter

Pipeline Filter

Map Filter






Step 2:

 Select the yellow ‘Add Options’ from the expanded menu and click on any of the custom fields you have listed and select ‘Add’. These filters will now appear when you scroll through.



Create and Save Custom Filters

If you are finding that you want to pull specific information regularly you can save your most often used filter(s). Please be aware that Saved Filters are only saved within your account. Your colleagues will not have access to these filters in their accounts.


 Step 1:

Select the fields in the filter menu that you want to save and once you’re done select the ‘Save Filter’ button at the bottom of the menu.




Step 2:

Next, give this newly created a filter a name. I titled this one ‘New Saved Filter’.



Step 3:

You can now access this newly saved filter from the drop down box at the top of the Filter menu. .






Access Filters in Maps (mobile app)


Step 1:

 Log into SPOTIO mobile app and select the map icon.




Step 2:

 There are two different views: Map and Pipeline. It will highlight yellow when selected.


Map selected

Pipeline selected


 Step 3:

 Once you’ve selected which view you’d like to filter, select the funnel icon in the upper left hand corner to apply filters.



 Step 4:

 Once you are in filter options you have four sections to apply filters from: Date, Pipeline, Lead, and Users. Click into each option to add fields to your filter.



To save your selections make sure to select ‘Done’ in the upper right hand corner.  

 Select ‘Clear’ to remove all selections.  


 Filter Tip ! - Identify when Filters are Applied & How to Remove Filters on mobile app  


When there is a small red dot next to the funnel icon () that indicates that filters are applied. To remove the filters click the funnel icon and select ‘Clear’ in the upper left hand corner.

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