Log A Visit and Update a Repeat Visit


Logging A Visit / Repeat Visits


As a sales representative, it is important to have clear documentation of the activities you’ve completed on your route. SPOTIO will help you know where you stand by providing a feature that lets you actively log first and repeat visits to your leads.


What’s Covered in this Article:

  •  Logging A Visit
  •  Repeat Visits


Logging A Visit

A Visit is a time-and-date stamped record of an event that a sales rep has completed. When you log a visit with a Lead for the first time, New Visits will provide an option to show whether or not contact was made with the Lead. Please be aware that Visits can only be logged on the mobile app - the web app does NOT provide this capability.  


To log a New Visit:

Step 1:
Tap the roof of the Lead location and specify if you've made contact by clicking

 or .


Step 2:

Make an update to the Lead in reference to your visit.



It's that simple! You've logged a New Visit. 

Repeat Visits

A Repeat Visit happens when you go back to see a Lead you've already entered as a New Visit. Repeat visits are also dated and time-stamped, so you always know when they happened. They can be updated from the Map view or from within the Lead Details. Within the Lead Details a list of Visits will appear in the Activity Log with applicable notes.


Step 1:

Click on the Lead and choose  or click from within the Lead details.


Step 2:

Make an update to the Lead in reference to your visit.


Step 3(Lead Details):

Click  to view a list of all Activities completed. This list includes Visits with Notes and Appointments.




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