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Updated November 2018

SPOTIO has a native Google Calendar integration that allows each user to connect their Google Calendar to their SPOTIO account and sync appointments back and forth.

It is possible to create a team calendar and share appointments created in SPOTIO to a Google Calendar


What’s Covered in this Article:  

  • How Calendars & Appointments Work in SPOTIO
  • How to Connect Your Google Calendar to Your SPOTIO App
  • How to Set Up a Shared Team Calendar
  • FAQ


How Calendars & Appointments Work in SPOTIO

To get a better understanding of how the calendaring and appointments work in SPOTIO please check out our other Knowledge Base article HERE.


How to Connect Your Google Calendar to Your SPOTIO App


  1. Click your profile in the top right
  2. Integrations
  3. Sign in with Google





  1. Click the Menu button in the bottom right hand corner of the app
  2. Tap on Google Calendar Integration
  3. Connect your calendar
  4. Choose your calendar



How to set up a shared Team Calendar

If you are looking to sync all your SPOTIO appointments to a company Google Calendar you’re in luck.  It’s possible but will take a few steps.


This is commonly used in situations where a canvassing or appointment setting team is responsible for booking appointments on a calendar that is viewed by another department who dispatches the appointments to sales reps.  We recommend using the native SPOTIO web calendar for this however we also understand that there are cases where the appointments need to reside outside SPOTIO.


We suggest creating a Company Google Calendar that you can then share with your team and once sharing has been done all the appointments will sync back and forth.


Step 1: Create a new calendar on your Google account


Click HERE to see Google’s instructions on how to do that.  The main admin for your company should create the calendar or you can even create a completely new Google account only for the company calendar.


Step 2: Share your Google Calendar with each of your team members


Click HERE to see Google’s instructions on how to share your new calendar with your team.



Do Appointments sync from Google Calendar to SPOTIO?

Yes, after you make the initial sync all new appointments made on your Google Calendar will sync to your SPOTIO calendar.  This does not include recurring events that were previously created.  


Can I connect my SPOTIO calendar and appointments to another service besides Google?

Yes, you can use Zapier (insert link to the SPOTIO zap) to send appointments from SPOTIO to hundreds of different apps including many different calendars.  Look here (insert link to zap lists) to see if the calendar you have in question is Zapier compatible.



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