Acculynx Integration with SPOTIO

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Acculynx Integration with SPOTIO


Acculynx users, rejoice! Together, Acculynx and SPOTIO have teamed up to save you time and make the process of sharing data between our two systems easier. Introducing, the Acculynx-SPOTIO integration.

 What’s covered in this article:

  • How to connect your Acculynx with SPOTIO
  • Best Practices
  • FAQs

 How to connect your Acculynx CRM with SPOTIO:

In order to connect your SPOTIO and Acculynx accounts, you will need Administrator rights to both platforms.  Inside Acculynx you will need to log in and get an API Key.


Get Your Acculynx API Key:

Once logged in as the Admin -

Step 1:  Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen


Step 2:  Select ‘Account Settings’ from the drop-down menu


Step 3:  On the menu on the left, select ‘Add-on Features and Integrations’  to get access to the submenu.  Once the submenu appears, select ‘API Keys’

Step 4:  Click on the blue ‘Create Key’ button


Step 5:  Fill out the pop up for creating the API key.  For “key name” you can enter SPOTIO and then you can choose the lead source into which you want all your SPOTIO leads to be created. For example, you might choose “canvassing”.  When you’re finished filling out the form, click ‘Create Key’.


Step 6: Your key will now be listed with any other API Keys you may have already created.  You will see a blue ‘Copy Key’ button to the left of the bolded name of the key you created.  Click on the ‘Copy Key’ button to copy the API key


You have now completed everything in Acculynx, and it is time to move to SPOTIO to set up the integration.



SPOTIO Integration Connection:

Once you are logged in as the Admin -

Step 1: Click on the gear in the bottom left-hand corner to go to settings. Inside the settings then access ‘Integrations’.  In the integrations section, find Acculynx in the list on the left.


Step 2: In the Acculynx token field, paste in the API key that you created from Acculynx and hit ‘connect’


Step 3: Once you have connected your API Key, you will be able to move through the next step.  In the integration - Step 1 is to turn on a Selective Sync.  Check the box for Selective Sync and then you will be able to sync by SPOTIO Stage & Fields.


Step 4: In the Selective Sync, choose the SPOTIO stages that you are wanting to use as the trigger for pushing the data over to Acculynx.  


That means that any time a lead moves into the stage(s) you have chosen then it will push over to Acculynx.  


You can also choose to combine with a custom field - this means that you can choose to require certain data to be entered and the certain answer to be chosen to push into Acculynx.

  • For example: If you are just pushing by Stage then you can push by Stage equals Won.
  • For Example: If you want to push by Stage plus a Custom Field answer then you can push by Stage equals Won and Appointment Results equals One Legger or Two Legger.


Once you have set up how you want to push over the data, you will be asked to name it as your default sync settings and then hit ‘next step’



Step 5: Field Mapping is how you are going to push over the lead’s details into Acculynx.  There are 2 required fields that you have to map over: First Name & Last Name.

You can push over additional information such as phone number, email etc. You don’t have to worry about the address as we will automatically push that information over.  


*Acculynx is limited in the information they can receive.  You can push over contact information but additional information from your custom fields would need to go into their ‘notes’ field.*



Step 6:  Once you have finished mapping the fields, then you can turn on the integration.  To complete this, click ‘Save And Start’.


Step 7: Go into your SPOTIO Account and create a test lead that matches your mapping information to make sure it pushed over to your Acculynx.





Best Practices:

When connecting your SPOTIO and Acculynx account there are a couple of best practices to note:

  1. Select Only One Stage. When setting up your selective sync, you want to select only one stage.  Selecting any more than one can cause duplicates to push over to Acculynx as the lead moves from one stage to another inside SPOTIO.
  2. Not all of your Custom Fields from SPOTIO can be mapped over to specific fields in Acculynx. You can sync more than one Custom Field into the Acculynx Notes section, though!


Frequently Asked Questions

How will the data pushed into Acculynx come over?

Using the SPOTIO/Acculynx integration, all the data that is pushed will come over as a ‘Lead’.


There are duplicate leads in my Acculynx account, why is this happening?

The most likely reason this is happening is if you set up your selective sync to push over more than one SPOTIO stage.  Because there isn’t a search component with the integration when new data is pushed over, Acculynx doesn’t look for existing leads to add new information too, it just creates new leads.  To reduce the likelihood of having duplicates you will want to adjust your selective sync to only push one stage in your pipeline to Acculynx.


All my leads are coming through as unassigned, why aren’t the users tied to the leads?

Currently, the integration is limited in what it can push and it is unable to push over the data of which user creates/edits the lead.  This means that any lead that is pushed into Acculynx will come over as unassigned and then you will need to go and assign it to the appropriate person.


I have one parent Acculynx account but it is split into several offices for my company, how do I set up my SPOTIO to match?

While Acculynx has the ability to set up a Parent/Child relationship with their accounts so all your offices can be tied to a single parent Acculynx account, the integration only allows you to connect one of the children at a time.  In order to be able to push the individual office's information to their unique Acculynx accounts, you will need to have multiple SPOTIO accounts.

Can my Reps have their SPOTIO leads synced to their ownership in Acculynx? 

In order to ensure the lead is assigned to the proper rep, you would create a Lead Detail Custom Text Field for “Rep Email” and sync it with the Acculynx field for “Sales Rep Email”. This will allow Acculynx to read whose lead it belongs to as long as the SPOTIO entered email matches the Acculynx email.  

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