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Web App: How to Upload Documents

Jonathan Fernandez
Jonathan Fernandez
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Do you have documents that your team needs to use regularly, or frequently share with customers? Keep them in SPOTIO under Company Documents! 

Company Documentation

Upload documents for your whole team to quickly and easily locate and access.

  1. Navigate to Documents
  2. Under Upload Document, you can either drag and drop the file you'd like to add or select click to browse to locate and select your file

upload document.gif


How to Delete Company Documents

Have a company document that you need to replace or delete? 

  1. Navigate to Documents
  2. Select the file you'd like to remove from Documents
  3. Click the X beside the file name
  4. When prompted with Delete the file? This can't be undone., select the DELETE button

delete doc.gif

Accessing Company Documents in the Mobile App

So you uploaded documents, now where do your reps access those files?

  1. Select your profile photo to load Settings
  2. Select Company Documents
  3. Search for the name of the document you need
  4. Click on the document to open it


mobile docs.gif


What are the supported file types for Documents?

Common file types that can be uploaded in SPOTIO include pdf, docx, xlsx, jpg, png, gif, avi, mov, and zip.

Is there a size limit?

Yes, the file size limit is 30 MB. 

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