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Each SPOTIO subscription provides you access to different User Roles and User Statuses. The User Role determines how a User can access SPOTIO and which features they can view. The User Status determines whether the User may access to SPOTIO.

User Roles

Your SPOTIO account has three User Roles: Sales Representative, Manager and Administrator. Each role determines how the User will access SPOTIO and the features available to them. Regardless of role, all three roles have access to both the web and mobile app. 

Sales Representatives:

A Sales Representative has the ability to create new records and may be able view and log activity on other records owned by someone else. They may have global or limited territory access to the records they can view based on the Account Admin's preference.


Managers also have access to non-admin features, such as reporting and appointment scheduling. Managers may have global or limited access to the records. They may also have access to team and territory creation, as well as user management. These permissions are based on the Account Admin's preference.   


Administrators have global access and may view all records within the account. They may also manage and customize all aspects of the SPOTIO account including workflow, billing, and security processes. There are no app restrictions for those with an Account Admin role. 

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The access for Sales Rep and Manager roles will vary from business to business based on the permissions set by the Account Admin, which you can read more on the User Permission Overview article. 

User Statuses

User statuses determine if a User has access to SPOTIO. A User may have one of the following statuses: 

  • Invited: Users who have been invited to join the SPOTIO account but have yet to accept the invitation. If the invite is not accepted within 14 days, it will need to be resent. An invited user is billed at the time the invite is sent and cannot be suspended because their accounts have not been activated but you can rescind the invite.
  • Active: Users with an active account and are billed for having an active user license. The user has logged in to the account within the last 30 days. Active users may be suspended.
  • Idle: Users who have not logged in to SPOTIO for 30 days.
  • Left: User has been invited and accepted an invite to join another company that uses SPOTIO. This no longer gives the user access to the original account.
  • Suspended: Users that no longer have access to SPOTIO from the mobile or web app and are not billed to the account.

The Account Statistics overview will give a quick glance at the number of users in different statuses. You also have a drop down menu to choose from the above statuses to filter by the users.

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Pro Tip: User management is very important to staying organized and on top of who has access to your account's data. Regularly checking on the statuses of your team ensures engagement, accountability, and unnecessary charges for inactive users. 


Am I reimbursed if the user does not accept the invite?

You are not reimbursed but the license will be paid to then be recycled for another user. To learn more about billing, please check out our SPOTIO Billing: Managing Your Invoice.


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