How to Log a Visit with Visit Results

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How to Log a Visit with Visit Results


Are you looking to mark your clients with quick-bite information when on the road? Visit Results will give you just that! You’ll be able to mark your clients’ offices or homes as “Not Home”, “Contacted”, “Follow Up” or other commonly used results as you see fit.

What’s Covered in this Article:

Why are Visit Results beneficial?

You’ll be able to mark clients with quick information as you are working leads and view them visually on the map for a fast glance of an area.

How to use Visit Results

After you select Visit on your Lead Preview, you’ll want to select a disposition that best fits the scenario you are in. This could vary based on your account from Not Home, Contacted, Follow Up, Appointment Set to a variety of other selections.

Visit Results

Step 1:

  • First Log in to the Mobile App and click Next when your name appears.
  • If prompted to enable GPS feature or give the app permission to Location, please do so now, to ensure this feature will run as desired. 

Step 2:

  • Click the Map icon on the bottom menu bar
  • Navigate to the area you are working



Step 3:

  • Tap on the roof or existing lead of the building you are visiting and the Lead Preview screen will appear
  • Click the Visit button on the bottom of the Lead Preview screen
  • Select your Visit Result

mceclip1.png    mceclip2.png


Step 4:

  • Add any Notes or other required fields that populate for your Stage
  • Click Log Visit



Let’s see it in Action!



Note: List of Visit Results may be updated by your Account Administrator.



Am I able to log more than one visit on a lead?

Yes, you can log a visit as many times as needed on your single lead. Select your lead, and just click “Log Visit” and it will take you through this same process.

Does logging the first visit add the lead to address?

Yes, logging the first visit will both log your visit and add a lead to an address.

Can I change my Visit Result after I logged my visit? 

At this time, you cannot edit a Visit Result on a lead after you have logged the visit. You can edit the Visit Result if you have not logged the current visit by selecting on the “Visit Result” option on the Log Visit page. This will bring you back to your original listing of Visit Results.

Are Visit Results able to be logged on the Web platform?

No, Visit Results are only available as logs on the mobile platform.

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