How to Bulk Change

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How To Bulk Change

Do you have a user who has been promoted up in the company? Do you have old data you’d like to move back into another stage? Bulk Changes can allow you to easily re-assign, change stages, or delete data!


What’s Covered in this Article:

**WARNING** Bulk changes cannot be undone. This includes deletions. **WARNING**


Bulk Change From Your Filtered View

If you want to see where your leads are in a certain stage or filter down to a certain custom field no matter where they are on the map, use the Bulk Change from the filtered View!


Step 1:

Toggle to your filter and select either View



Step 2:

Filter the data down to what information you are looking for.


Example: Filter for a specific user/timeframe if you are looking to reassign their leads to another team member.



Step 3:

Select “Bulk Change (X Records)”.



Step 4:

Chose your action.


Your options are as follows:

  • Re-Assign to a different user

  • Change the 'Stage'

  • Delete This will permanently delete the data from SPOTIO. Once deleted, we cannot restore the data. 


Step 4:

Confirm bulk action has started by the pop up on the top right of your web browser screen.



Bulk Change from Map View

Change the stage or assignment of leads in a specific map area with Bulk Change from Map View.


Step 1:

Toggle to your Map View and find the area on the map where you’d like to change your leads.



Step 2:

Filter the data down to what information you are looking for.


Example: Filter for a specific stage/timeframe if you are looking to reassign the stages of older leads.


Step 3:

Use the Trace Tool on the left side of the map to drop your outline points around the leads you wish to change.


Follow Steps 3 and 4 from the Pipeline View




Can Bulk Changes be undone?

No, bulk changes are not able to be undone at this time. Please double-check the information and filters before applying a bulk change. 

Will I be able to see what Bulk Changes have occurred?

You will be able to see if a lead has changed ownership or stage in the Lead Activity View. Activity Feed will also reflect that the Manager/Admin performed the Bulk Change.   

Can I create a territory with a bulk change?

No, a bulk change is different in that you are changing the data on the leads or deleting them. If you’d like to learn how to build a territory, please click here. 

Am I able to Bulk Change on Mobile?

At this time, Bulk Changes are only available on our web platform.  

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