Getting Started With SPOTIO for Admins


In this article, you will learn how to manage the basic setup of your SPOTIO account.

You will learn:

  1. How to Create and Manage Custom Stages
  2. How to Create and Manage Loss Results
  3. How to Create and Manage Visit Results
  4. How to Create and Manage Custom Fields
  5. How to Create and Manage Territories

You will also learn:

  1. How to manage your Security Settings
  2. How to read and understand your Billing Page
  3. How to Manage your Users
  4. How to Import Leads in Bulk


First, welcome to SPOTIO. Watch this video for a brief overview and introduction to the product.


You're about to learn how to manage your Custom Stages, but first read this quick guide to setting up a successful sales pipeline. Or, watch this short video.

A strong set of Custom Stages is the backbone to your SPOTIO app. Getting this right means your Reps will be able to breeze through the Field, so take your time on this one.


In this video, learn how to manage your Loss Reasons.

Loss Reasons give you the ability to disposition Leads that you might want to revisit at a later date. For example, maybe a prospect said your prices were too high. If your pricing changes, you might want to re-visit everyone who had pricing issues. Price would become a Loss Reason and you can colorize using Loss Reasons on the Map and see exactly where to direct your efforts.


In this video, learn how to manage your Visit Results.

Visit Results give your Teams the ability to disposition visits in a single click. They also give you the ability to filter for results you're anticipating, or look for patterns in groups of prospects. Visit Results give you the ability to really focus in on best practices for your Team. If your Reps are dispositioning an unusual number of visits as "No Answer", maybe you want to look at the time of day they are working that area. If you are seeing a good number of "Contact Made", this might tell you where to make your next big move.


In this video, learn how to manage your Custom Fields.


In this video, learn how to manage Territories.

Territories allow you to focus your Rep's work by directing individuals to specific areas of interest. One thing to note: SPOTIO does not geofence your Reps. Territories are not hard boundaries, but are areas of interest for the Reps assigned to them. 


Bonus Video!

If you are on our Business Plan, you can also add Custom Activities. Learn how to do that in this video.


Once you've set up your Sales Pipeline with Custom Stages, created your Loss Reasons, Visit Results, and Custom Fields, and once you've added in some territories, open up SPOTIO on your Mobile App. Create a Lead and see if the Pipeline Flow works as well for your Field Reps as you want it to. If it does, schedule your Setup Review with your Success Manager. 

After your Setup Review, it's time to start adding in your Users. Remember--once you've started adding Users, any changes you make to your SPOTIO app will directly affect them as they are working. 


In this video, learn how to update your Security Settings and Add or Remove additional permissions.


In this video, learn how to read and understand your Billing page. Please always remember that if you are planning to Add and Suspend multiple Users at once, Suspend Users first! Forgetting to Suspend Users can mean that you get billed for Reps who are no longer working for you.


In this video, learn how to manage your Users. Remember that when you are adding a User, you are actually purchasing a new license for the pro-rated amount of time left on your SPOTIO billing cycle. So, if you have Users to Add and Suspend, Suspend first. This will mean you can slot a new User into a current License.


In this video, learn how to Import Leads in Bulk. 

The most important thing to remember about Importing is that you MUST use the SPOTIO template that you download from the Import page in your SPOTIO account. Your import won't work without that template. Click here to read written instructions for how to Import your data.

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