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Trey Gibson
Trey Gibson
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Top 5 Things a Field Rep Needs to Know About SPOTIO


These are the Top 5 things a Field Rep needs to know in order to be successful on a daily basis.

  1. How to create Leads
  2. How to update Leads
  3. How to add Appointments and Activities
  4. How to use Filters, Layers, and Colorization
  5. How to use Sync Status and contact Support

If you're out in the Field, the most important things for you to know and understand are how to create new Leads, how to work existing Leads, and how to add your Appointments to Leads.

Filters, Layers, and Colorization give you really easy ways to change the view of your Map and Pipeline, allowing you to zoom in on what is most important for you to see. It can really make your life easier when you're out working your territory.

Finally, you'll want to understand Sync Status for those low data moments in your day, and of course we want you to know how to contact Support when you need them.


When you master these 5 sets of Features, you will see how easy it is to manage your day in SPOTIO.


Want to know more--like how to add a photo to a lead, or use Team Chat? Check out our Quick Start videos for the Mobile App. If you can do it on SPOTIO, there is a bite-sized video to show you how.



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