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Trey Gibson
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Top 5 Things a Sales Manager Needs to Know About SPOTIO

After your SPOTIO account is set up and you’re actively working in it, these are the Top 5 things a Sales Manager needs to know in order to be successful on a daily basis.

  1. How to read and understand Activity Reporting
  2. How to manage Territories
  3. How to use Filters and Layers, and Colorization
  4. Pipeline Management
  5. How to use Find my Team and Team Chat

Activity Reporting allows you to see what is going on out in the Field. Use Activity Reports to track the steps your Reps are taking to move a Lead into Closed Won. A lot of SPOTIO Customers are looking to track the number of Visits per day a Rep is making--Activity Reporting is where you find this information. The 3 minute video below shows you how to navigate the Dashboards and Activities to find that kind of information.


Territory Management is also huge. You want to be able to focus your Reps' attention on the areas of importance to you. 

  • This video shows you the basic setup of Territories
  • This video explains Ghost Pins--something your Reps may encounter when they are working within Territories. (Short story: If your Rep sees a white pin outside of their Territory, it means that there is an active Lead in progress. It's outside their Territory, so they won't be able to see any information about the Lead.)
  • Based on how your Account Admin has your permissions set up, your Reps may be able to edit all the Leads in their assigned Territories, or even delete them. And, you may or may not be able to export Leads, or see Leads globally, or create and edit Territories. Check with your Account Admin to be sure you know how your SPOTIO account is set up.Screen_Shot_2019-11-01_at_3.13.20_PM.png

Filters and Layers do a lot of work for you, making it easy for you to find things you're looking for at-a-glance.

  • These videos cover how to use Filters on the Web and Mobile apps
  • These videos cover how to use Layers on the Mobile app.

Pipeline management is import for understanding how your Team is working. Combined with Filters, your Pipeline can become your go-to for coaching and development of your Reps.

Colorization is a big favorite around here--especially if you're looking to disposition Leads by Visit Results, or looking to strategize on the amount of time it's been since your team last visited a lead!

We also think it is critical to be able to use Find my Team and Team Chat. We want you to be able to communicate information with great speed, and also set up some lunch plans with the Rep closest to you in the Field. 

  • These videos show you how to chat with your Team from the Web and Mobile apps.
  • This article tells you why Find My Team is beneficial, and how to use it.

If you know how to use these 5 features of SPOTIO, you'll know exactly how to manage for success.

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