Announcing the Sunset Date of SPOTIO Legacy





Rolling Automatic Migrations Begin

Sunset of SPOTIO Legacy

February 10, 2020

April 27, 2020

December 31, 2020



SPOTIO is sunsetting the SPOTIO Legacy platform on December 31, 2020. If you are currently using SPOTIO Legacy, we recommend that you migrate to SPOTIO 2.0 soon to take advantage of the new and improved product.

NOTE: All customers currently using SPOTIO Legacy on Agility, Business, SPOTIO, Sprint, Team products will move into SPOTIO 2.0 at grandfathered pricing and grandfathered user minimums for one calendar year. Customers using the Individual or Free Mobile plan may consider upgrading into the SPOTIO Team Plan at a 5 User Minimum.


SPOTIO Legacy Product

SPOTIO 2.0 Product

Business, Sprint


Accelerate, Agility, Block, SPOTIO, Team





What does this mean?

SPOTIO is announcing the end of life for SPOTIO Legacy. Beginning June 1, 2020, we will begin deactivating SPOTIO Legacy accounts that have been inactive for more than 60 days. Supplemental notice will be provided at least 45 days before deactivation.

By December 31, 2020, you will no longer have access to SPOTIO Legacy. Based on your account type and usage, you will be notified of rolling automatic migration dates, beginning April 27, 2020.



Why is SPOTIO sunsetting SPOTIO Legacy?

 In the Fall of 2019 we launched SPOTIO 2.0 based on years of feedback from our customers with a focus on improved performance and advanced functionality SPOTIO 2.0 offers significant improvements over SPOTIO Legacy -- better meeting the needs of companies that are focused on growing revenue. Understanding that changing software can be difficult, our team is dedicated to making it easy to quickly realize the benefits of the new platform. Some of the improvements you’ll notice right away are:


  • Better pre-built reporting and dashboards, including 32 different ways to view sales motions in the field (increased team productivity)
  • Richer customization options to allow you to further tailor the product to your specific business needs
  • A cleaner, clearer way to view and access your information

See here for all of the features and functionality.



How can I migrate to SPOTIO 2.0?

We have developed comprehensive resources to ensure that your migration to SPOTIO 2.0 goes smoothly. There are two primary ways for businesses to migrate to SPOTIO 2.0:


Self-paced migration within your migration window

Have our Team migrate you automatically

Use this opportunity to get started with SPOTIO 2.0 on your own, using a variety of self-paced resources. Schedule your Team and User trainings for the dates that work best for you.


This option is best if you’d like to pre-customize your SPOTIO 2.0 app.


Have our Migration Specialist migrate you to SPOTIO 2.0 and manage your migration process from start to finish. We’ll schedule your Team and User trainings for the dates that correspond with the automatic migration.


Contact us to learn more about your migration by clicking this link

Schedule your automatic migration by clicking this link



Join us on a Migration Webinar for more information!

Mondays, 3pm CST

Tuesdays 10am, CST

Wednesdays 9am, CST



What happens if I don’t migrate before the sunset date?

If you don’t migrate to SPOTIO 2.0 by the sunsetl date you will lose access to the information that you have created in SPOTIO Legacy.



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