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Report Diagnostics on Mobile

Andrea Gallardo
Andrea Gallardo
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Are you experiencing issues with your mobile device and SPOTIO? You are able to report your diagnostics to our team to help identify what may be occurring on your device!


What’s Covered in this Article:

  • How to collect diagnostics data
  • How to send diagnostics data 
  • FAQ


How to collect diagnostics data 

You are able to select if you’d like the application to collect diagnostic data to send to our Support/Development team. 


Step 1:

Select your Settings menu on the mobile device.


Step 2: 

Click on “Diagnostics” and toggle on “Collect diagnostics data”

Send Diagnostic Data to SPOTIO 

Once you’ve allowed the application to collect diagnostic data, you will have the capability to send it directly to our team to review what may have happened. 


Step 1:

Select your Settings menu on the mobile device.

Step 2: 

Click on “Diagnostics” and select “Send”. An email will pop up in your device’s email program.

Step 3: 

If you’d like to send more information, feel free to populate the body of the email. 

Click “Send”!


What is this doing?

The diagnostic will run in the background of the app and collect data on any issues that arise within the application only. 


What does the information say?

The data that is collected can be read by our development team to help identify the root cause of certain issues that you may face in the field. 


Where does this information go?

Our development team receives this information to analyze, for updates please refer to our Support team via live chat or

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