How to Export from Sales Rabbit

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How to Export Leads from Sales Rabbit


Welcome to SPOTIO! If you are transitioning from Sales Rabbit to SPOTIO and would like to import your current list of leads, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we will show you how to export the information you’ve gathered. To import, please see our FAQ or click here.


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How to Export Leads from Sales Rabbit


Step 1:

Log into your Sales Rabbit account ( and open your Sales Hub on the left hand side. You’ll want to click “Leads”



Step 2:

In the Leads screen, select Filter on the top right.


Step 3:

Select your criteria for the export and confirm by clicking “Apply Filters”

**Suggested criteria is by Date Created and “All Time”**


Step 4:

Once your criteria has loaded and leads are visible, select the “Batch Operations” dropdown on the top left of your Leads screen. Then, select “Export All.”



Step 5:

The export will download onto your computer as a .csv file that can be opened in Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets and then transferred to the SPOTIO import template to be imported.



Who can export my data from Sales Rabbit?

Any user with Admin or Manager web access is able to export from Sales Rabbit.


How do I get my Sales Rabbit data into SPOTIO?

You can import using our Import Template into your SPOTIO account. More information on importing here.


Where do I map Statuses into SPOTIO?

You can map your Statuses into either Stages or a Custom Field. This would happen during import. To find the differences between Stages or Custom Fields, please review our Web App Setup Guide.




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