How to Manage MCC Templates

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How to use Templates for Texts and Emails

Our goal is to help ensure your Sales Reps are more productive than ever, and so we’ve extended the tools to make Multi-Channel communications even more powerful. With Text and Email Templates, we’ve made it easy for you to give your sales reps rapid access to company approved messages for easy communication with prospects and customers.  

What’s Covered in this Article:


Note: In order to use Templates for email you have to have your Sales Reps email accounts integrated with SPOTIO.

Note: In order to use Templates for text you have to have a SPOTIO phone number provisioned for your Sales Reps.  Follow this link to our Knowledge Base article for how to do this:

How to Create an Email Template

Step 1:

Navigate to the Templates tab in the web application, and choose whether you want to create a Text template or an Email template.

Step 2:

Name your template, enter in the subject of the template (for email) and fill out the body with the message you want your sales reps to be able to send to their Leads/Customers/Accounts.  

The template wizard allows you to format the template, and it also allows you to enter in variables that will include Lead specific info (i.e., Lead first name, Lead whole name, and the sender’s name) to help personalize the message.

Once you’ve saved the Template and made it active, it will now appear in the sales reps mobile app along with all the other Multi-Channel Communications functions.  

In addition to creating the message Template, you can also insert Variables into the message in order to customize it.  There are currently three variables available: Lead First Name, Lead Full Name and the Sender.

How to send an Email Template with the SPOTIO mobile app

Step 1:

Open the mobile app and open a Lead to the Lead Details page.  You can also navigate to the Multi-Channel Communications section by tapping the Comms icon at the bottom right navigation bar in the mobile app.






How to create a Text Template

Step 1:

Navigate to the same Templates page in the web application, and select the tab at the top of the screen for “Text”.   

How to send a Text Template with the SPOTIO mobile app

Step 1:

Once the template is created (and the relevant variables are chosen) you can then activate the template so that it will be available for use in the Sales Reps mobile applications. From the Lead Details page you can tap the text icon to begin a text.  

Another option is to tap the Multi-Channel Communications “Comms” icon in the lower left hand nav, and from there you can tap Text to create a new text.

Step 2:

Choose the template by tapping the template icon in the lower left hand of the New Text Screen.  All of the templates that are active in the web app Template creator will be visible here.  


Step 3:

You can select the template here once you’ve previewed it, or you can tap the yellow bar at the top of the screen to choose another template that may be better for the message you’re trying to convey.  

Step 4:

Once you’ve sent the text a string of the conversation will be available for you to review.  The history of the text will be available in the Activity Feed in the web app, and also in the Lead Details for that particular lead.  

How to measure the usage/effectiveness of Templates in Dashboards 

Step 1:

Once your team has started using Text and Email templates, you can then go into the SPOTIO web app to track the usage of the templates in both the Activity Feed and the Communications Metrics dashboards.  

The Activity Feed gives you a real-time view of the recipients, the messages and their responses to the messages.  

The Communications Metrics gives you a sense of the frequency/usage of all your templates, as well as their success rates (for emails).   

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