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Solar companies looking to sync your SPOTIO leads to your SOLO contracts? Let’s teach you how to set up the integration and get those contracts signed!


What’s covered in this article:

How to connect your SOLO software with SPOTIO

In order to connect your SPOTIO and SOLO accounts, you will need Administrator rights to both platforms.  Inside SOLO you will need to log in and  get an API Key.


Get Your SOLO API Key:

Once logged in as the Admin - 

Step 1:  Open the left hand menu and scroll to the bottom under “Company”

Step 2:  Select “Integrations”  towards the bottom


Step 3:  On the Integration page, click “API Keys” 


Step 4:  Click on the turquoise “Generate new API key”  button 

Step 5:  New API Key will popup, highlight and copy the new API key and switch to a tab with SPOTIO loaded.



SPOTIO Integration Connection:

Once you are logged in as the Admin - 

Step 1: Click on the gear in the bottom left-hand corner to go to settings. Inside the settings then access ‘Integrations’.  In the integrations section, find SOLO in the list on the left


Step 2: In the SOLO token field, paste in the API key that you created from SOLO and click “Connect SOLO”


Step 3: Once you have connected your API Key, you will be able to move through the next step.  In the integration - Step 1 is to turn on a Selective Sync.  Check the box for Selective Sync and then you will be able to sync by SPOTIO Stage & Fields.


Step 4: In the Selective Sync, choose the SPOTIO stages that you are wanting to use as the trigger for pushing the data over to SOLO.  


That means that any time a lead moves into the stage(s) you have chosen then it will push over to SOLO and generate a new customer.  


You can also choose to combine with a custom field - this means that you can choose to require certain data to be entered and once chosen, information will be sent to SOLO.


  • Example A: If you are just pushing by Stage then you can push by Stage = Won
  • Example B: If you want to push by Stage + Custom Field then you can push by Stage = Won and Appointment Results = One Legger or Two Legger


Once you have set up how you want to push over the data, you will be asked to name it as your default sync settings and then hit “Next Step”


Step 5: Field Mapping is how you are going to push over the lead’s details into SOLO.  


There are 7 required fields that you have to map over: Record Owner Email/SOLO User ID, First Name, Last Name, Email, Utility Company, Phone, Annual Usage


You can push over additional information in your Lead Details fields if you’d like and have corresponding SOLO fields. You don’t have to worry about the address as we will automatically push that information over.   


Step 6:  Once you have finished mapping the fields, then you can turn on the integration.  To complete this, click ‘Save And Start’.



Best Practices

When connecting your SPOTIO and SOLO accounts there are a couple of best practices to note:

  1. Select Only One Stage. When setting up your selective sync, selecting only one stage is suggested.  Selecting any more than one can cause duplicates to push over to SOLO as the lead moves  from one stage to another inside SPOTIO.
  2. Sync over information that you require on your end such as kW or current provider with the extra mapped fields. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the data pushed into SOLO come over?

Using the SPOTIO/SOLO integration, all the data that is pushed will come over as a “New Customer.”

There are duplicate leads in my SOLO account, why is this happening?

The most likely reason this is happening is if you set up your selective sync to push over at more than one SPOTIO stage.  To reduce the likelihood of having duplicates you will want to adjust your selective sync to only push one stage in your pipeline to SOLO such as Install, Won, or Contract.


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