Autovisits: Improving Activity Management and more Complete Data

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Feature Description

Autovisits is an automated tool that uses a geo-fence with a 100M radius to capture when a sales rep is in the vicinity of that Lead.  Once the sales rep enters that geo-fence, the Spotio system immediately begins to capture the visit and the visit duration clock starts ticking.  Once the sales rep leaves the geo-fence, the duration clock stops and the time of the visit is captured.  The sales rep is prompted to enter details about that visit, and then they can move onto their next activity. 

Key Benefits

Complete Data & Sales Rep Productivity - when Autovisits is turned on, sales teams can have confidence that visit metrics are being captured for every lead.  We understand that sometimes sales reps are too busy on the go to always update their CRM after every visit, and when that data isn’t entered critical information about sales activities is lost...probably forever. 

Autovisits ensures this visit and activity info is captured.  

How does it work?  

Turn on Autovisits in the Admin panel of the SPOTIO web app. 


Sales Reps will have to give the SPOTIO app access to the location settings in their mobile phone.  Here are some links to separate sets of instructions depending on phone type: 

    1. iPhone
    2. Huawei
    3. Samsung
    4. Other Samsungs 

Mobile UI

  1. We have created a 300 ft radius geofence around each lead. When you enter it, our system will automatically start a clock to measure the duration of your visit.
  2. When you’ll leave it, we will open a popup with that lead and notify you about the visit duration.
  3. In case where there are multiple leads inside a single geofence, we will split the time equally and let you decide how you want to distribute it.
  4. You can still enter your visit result and notes if needed.


Autovisits Dashboards 

There are two ways to view the Autovisits data in the web app dashboards.  

Visits (by Duration) Dashboard

This dashboard captures Autovisit duration for each Rep, each Territory and each Lead. 

This gives both Sales Reps and Managers insight into how much time their reps are spending with each Lead.  The data is exportable and can yield insights into whether reps are spending time with the most valuable opportunities or whether they are overlooking certain territories or favoring others.  

Value Propositions = Complete Data and Activity Management.  Now that companies have better data around how sales reps are spending their time with customers, they can better influence and guide overall Activity Management.  

Questions they can answer here include: Are my reps avoiding difficult customers?  Are they fully utilized and still unable to get to their entire territory?  Do they need help? 


Time Allocation Dashboard

This dashboard captures the amount of time a sales rep is spending either on calls or in visits.  It can be filtered by Sales Rep, Territory and across any specific time span.  

The data can be sorted by # of calls, Average call duration, Total Call Duration, # of Autovisits, Average Autovisit duration and Total Autovisits duration. 

The benefit of this data is to give Sales Managers/Admins insight into how their sales reps are spending their time. 

A specific use case would be to take a look at your best rep and gauge how much time they are spending on the phone versus actually visiting their Leads.  If this balance between visits and calls is different than your other lower performing reps, perhaps you need to adjust how those reps are spending their time.  


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