MultiChannel Communication: Emails, Calls & Texts

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MultiChannel Communication (MCC) is a digital communication tool that includes integrated email communication, as well as calling and texting abilities with the SPOTIO phone number. This robust tool gives reps the ability to easily and efficiently communicate with customers and prospects through their phone or computer, and Admins the ability to measure these touch points through SPOTIO's dynamic reporting tool. MCC is a powerful way for businesses to manage communication with prospects, and increase touch points in the journey for current leads or customers.

How will MCC Benefit My Business Today?

As customer relationship management continues to develop through the enhancements of technology, so has the means of modern communication between businesses and customers. At SPOTIO, we've found that more and more businesses are searching for a faster, more efficient way to communicate with their customers. We've also found that customers are more often looking to communicate with a business via text or email throughout their buying journey.

MCC gives businesses the opportunity to meet their customers at their preferred type of communication. MCC activities have the ability to be customized through SPOTIO's Templates, AutoPlays, and Custom Activities. Managers and Admin also have the ability to track MCC Email, Call, and Text metrics through SPOTIO's dynamic reporting, giving sales leaders greater visibility into rep activity and communication with leads at every step of the way.

How to Set Up MCC Once It's Been Activated In Your Account


Sending and receiving emails through the SPOTIO app with integrated email streamlines communication by allowing users to manage their emails within the SPOTIO platform. Emails are meticulously tracked in the record's History section, providing a timeline of electronic exchanges for each record. Email communications are also stored in the Comms section, allowing for easy reference of previous communication.

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Making calls to prospects and customers has never been easier. Using your SPOTIO phone number calls made & received are automatically logged to the record history. When a call is made you are able to disposition the call by marking the call result & log any notes that are needed for the next outreach. 

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After your call has been made, you will be prompted to choose a call result. Once selected, you will be taken back into the record's details page to make any additional changes as needed, such as adding in call notes, updating the pipeline stage, etc. Be sure to hit Save when complete.

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Utilize the Comms section of the SPOTIO app to manage your call log & voicemails. You can also obtain visibility in the Record's History

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To learn more about calling through the SPOTIO app, check out the Making and Receiving calls with SPOTIO Knowledge Base article. 


Texting includes sending and receiving both SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages through the mobile and web app. All texts, files, and images sent and received via text to a prospect are automatically saved to the record. The Comms section will also keep a record of all texts sent both manually and automatically through an Autoplay to make responses easy to manage. 

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To read more on texting with SPOTIO, please check out the MCC: How to Text With SPOTIO Knowledge Base article.

Best Practices

  • Reps should integrate their email (and calendar) before fully engaging with SPOTIO. This allows reps to send and receive emails directly through the SPOTIO app.
  • SPOTIO phone numbers should be assigned to rep's before officially launching. 
  • Use Templates to standardize rep communication with customers at every part of customer journey.
  • Use Autoplays to streamline communication sequences with customers.

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