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Routing: Using the Web and Mobile App to Build and Manage Routes

Jonathan Moss
Jonathan Moss
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Routing 2.0

Regardless of the industry you are in, all field sales teams at one point or another need to generate a route to reach multiple customers at a time.  SPOTIO’s routing tool allows you to create and assign custom routes based on the different types of leads you are wanting to visit.  This tool is intended to improve overall Sales Rep productivity by providing an essential tool for a field sales rep (routing) that also incorporates all of the Lead data in the customers' Spotio database.  


The following article details exactly how you can use SPOTIO’s routing tool to keep your team optimized and focused on where they need to be and when they need to be there.

What’s Covered in this Article:

  • How to create and assign a new route on the SPOTIO Web Version

  • How to access and follow a route on the SPOTIO Mobile Version

  • How to view and track trips (completed routes)

How to Create a New Route on Web

From the web version of SPOTIO you will want to navigate to the Map section and then select the 2nd Icon down on the right side that says Routes.  

Step 1:

Select the option to “Create New”.  This will open up the new Route creation screen.  You will start by giving your route a name, selecting the user the route will be assigned to, and then add any additional notes you want the user to see when they pull up the route in the field.


Step 2:

Select if this will be a driving or walking route.  Then select whether or not you want to make the route “active”. Active routes are able to be seen by their assigned rep.

Step 3:

Begin adding Leads to the route.  You can do this by either manually clicking on each lead you are wanting to add, or you can use SPOTIO’s Bulk Selector Tool (triangle icon in the top left corner of the map) to select multiple leads at the same time.  

User trick: 

When selecting your Leads from the map, you can open up the 'Show Filters' by clicking at the bottom left of the Map screen.  This allows you to isolate groups of Leads according to Timeframe, Territory, Field Rep, Pipeline Stage, Latest Activity and Latest Visit Result.  This allows you to focus in on the Leads that are most relevant to the Route you're building.  

Step 4:

Once the leads have been added to the route you will have the option to “Optimize Route”.  When you click this button it will optimize the route to generate the shortest possible travel distance between the leads.

Step 5:

When the route is good to go then select the create button at the bottom of the screen.  The route will then be visible in your routes panel and you can see if it’s set as active, the number of stops the route includes, and the total travel distance of the route.  Once a route is set as active and assigned to a sales rep, that route is then visible in the sales reps mobile app.  

If you need to edit/delete the route, click into it from this panel to open up the edit screen.


How to Access a Route on Mobile

From the SPOTIO Mobile app navigate to the “Leads” section and select “Routes” from the top center icon. Note: You can also create a Route in the mobile app. 


Step 1:

After selecting “Start” your route will then open within the app.  At the top of the screen you will see the option to work the route in either the “Map” or “List” view.


Step 2:

Regardless of if you decide to work your route from the list or map view, each option should display the following screen for each lead you are visiting along the route.  

The following diagram details what each icon does:

Step 3:

While working your route from the “Map” view you should see a route icon appear in the top right corner.  This icon allows you to toggle your current route on and off in case you need to update other leads or use other Map features while in the process of completing your route.

Watch the Video Overview of our Routing Feature:


How to Access Trip Mileage reports in the web app: 


Once a route is completed, it becomes a "Trip".  In the web app you can navigate to the Distance Dashboard.  This report provides you with a list of all Trips you've taken with key stats for each trip.  Additionally, you can export a .CSV file to be used in expense reporting in any other system. 









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