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Map Intelligence: My Filters

Brandy Billiot
Brandy Billiot
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SPOTIO’s new My Filters is a more intuitive, more efficient, and more configurable way for users to create and save custom views for both web and mobile. This feature upgrade includes:

  • More finite configuration options to better refine search results across maps, dashboards and reports
  • Ability to save filters and views that synchronize across devices
  • Enhanced map colorization for easier navigation

Jump to filters on SPOTIO Web

Jump to filters on SPOTIO Mobile 


With the new My Filters feature, SPOTIO can:

  • Helps users save time by only having to setup a filter one time
  • Makes users more efficient by colorizing and filtering by the data points that matter most to them
  • Allows for user’s views and reports in SPOTIO to be more customizable
  • Cross-platform extensibility makes it easy to use "My Filters" on both SPOTIO web and mobile





Why My Filters?

Every lead inside of SPOTIO at any given time can have 40+ data points associated with it.  These include things like:

  • Contact info
  • Updated dates
  • Assigned users
  • Location information
  • Custom field details specific to that account. 

With this amount of data for every lead, information inside of a SPOTIO account can get overwhelming quickly and that's where My Filters comes into play. 


Filterable Data: 

Within both the Web and Mobile versions of SPOTIO there are several options that users have to create filters from. 

For each of these options, users are able to select from multiple fields within the selection menu, and are also able to add multiple fields together into a single saved filter. 

Example: What if a user wanted to look at only leads that fall into a certain territory AND were created by a specific user AND were created during a specific timeframe?

All that is required is adding all of those options to the same filter and it would adjust the data being displayed accordingly. 

Check out all of the different data types that are able to be added to a filter in SPOTIO:




Filters on Web

Step 1:  The Filter Panel

To open the filter panel look to the left hand side of the page, but to the right of the section Icons.  

How to access the filters panel on SPOTIO web:

Animated GIF

Step 2:  My Filters

When accessing the filters panel on the web, all saved filters appear at the top, under the section for “My Filters”. 

Next to each saved filter there's a button to “Apply” the saved filter, a pencil icon to edit the saved filter, and a 3 line icon to change the order in which saved filters appear.



Step 3: Creating New My Filters

To create a "My Filter" select the desired criteria from the filters panel. The option to save "My Filter" will be available once at least one criteria option is selected.

In addition to selecting your filtering options you will also be prompted to select your “Colorization” choice.  This will be the color coding option you want your pins to be displayed as, by default, in the Map view of SPOTIO when you apply this filter. 

Account Admins, looking to set the default map colorization value for your team? Check out this article for a step by step guide on Colorization Customization and how to adjust colorization settings.

After selecting your filter criteria and colorization options you will then need to navigate back to the top of the filters panel and select the “Save Filter” icon in order to create the new saved “My Filter”. 

After selecting "Save Filter", a pop up will appear which will allow you to confirm the new saved filter options and give the “My Filter” a custom name for future reference.

How to select criteria  to be applied to a filter: 



How to save and name a "My Filter":

Animated GIF


Filters on Mobile

Step 1:  The Mobile Filter Panel

The filter icon is always visible in the mobile app in the top right corner. 

When no filters are applied, the filter icon will be a black color. Once a filter is applied, the icon will change to a red color.


After tapping this icon users can select a new filter criteria, reset current filtered criteria, or save/access My Filters.

It is important to note that filters applied on Mobile will stay applied as a user switches between sections of the app.  

The only way to reset or adjust a filter once it’s applied is to tap back into the filters panel.

How to adjust a filtered criteria & how to access “My Filters” from the mobile app:


Animated GIF


Step 2:  My Filters on Mobile

To create a new “My Filter” tap into the filters icon on the mobile app and apply the new filter criteria they are wanting to use for that filter. 

Next tap “Save Filter”. A prompt will appear to give the new “My Filter” a name and the final criteria for this specific filter will be displayed. Select "Save" to confirm the "My Filter"

The GIF below you will see the creation of a new “My Filter” for “Lost Report 2022”. 

Notice that the criteria set for this lead is colorized by “Loss Reasons”, shows leads from only this Year, and only shows leads in the “Lost” stage.

Animated GIF



Q: Can you share your My Filters with other users?

A: Currently there is no way to share a My Filter. The only way to achieve this is to tell them the criteria used in the My Filter and the user duplicating it manually. 




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