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The word “Lead” can mean many different things depending on your organization–it could be a person, a location, a qualified buyer, a company…. the list goes on. Here at SPOTIO, the word “Lead” has a very particular meaning, so we created this article to help clear up any confusion!


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Leads on Mobile

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What is a Lead?

A “Lead” is the primary type of record in SPOTIO. Leads have a parent-child relationship with Contacts, Activities, and Attachments, and you can find these objects nested within the Lead.


Within this record, you can edit customer information including address, name, phone number, email address, and any custom fields your Account Admin has created for data they would like you to capture. Your activities are logged within this record, as well as any notes or attachments.


Viewing Leads

In most cases, a Lead will have an address associated with it. This location is visible on the map as a Lead Pin, and you can see different pieces of information about the Lead depending on how your Lead Pins are Colorized. (For more information on Colorization, click here. For information on Lead Visibility Settings, click here).



Leads created without an address will not be visible on the map, but you can find them in the List view by clicking the "List" tab at the top of the screen in the Map. You can search for Leads by the name, phone number, or email address associated with the Lead.



What information is stored within the Lead?


On the Mobile app, clicking on a Lead Pin, and then clicking on the Address will open the Lead Info page. This page contains multiple pieces of information about the Lead, as well as an activity History, attached Files, and Links (for more information on Lead Links, find our article here).




Navigating the Lead Info Page




Under the Lead Name and Address, you will see 4 tabs that direct you to the various sections of the Lead where different kinds of information are stored.

  • Details - information about the lead
  • History - completed activities and notes
  • Files - attachments, photos, and completed E-Contracts
  • Links - Lead Links customized for your account (if no links are created, this will not appear)




  • The Upcoming section shows Scheduled activities and tasks. If no activities are scheduled, you can click within this box to create a scheduled event on this lead.


The Address section of the Lead info contains address information and the Lead Owner. You can also log a Visit from this section, click the  ViewonMap_Icon.jpg  icon to navigate to this address using your default navigation app, or view the Lead on the map by clicking the navigateicon.jpg icon.




  • Address - the physical location of the Lead
  • Unit/Suite #
  • Lead Owner - the SPOTIO user assigned to this Lead. Depending on your User Permission settings, you may be able to see only leads assigned to you or leads assigned to you and leads assigned to others as well. 


Fields related to Contacts are located under the Contact section of the Lead Information. These fields are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Autoplay Status*
  • Custom Contact Fields



Additional contacts can be added to the Lead record by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the Lead Info page, then clicking the + icon next to the contact.

*Autoplay Status will only be displayed for Pro plan users. To learn more about Autoplays and our Pro plan, please reach out to your SPOTIO Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.



  • callmobile.jpg  - Call the phone number saved to this Contact from your SPOTIO number, (if no SPOTIO number is assigned, clicking this will navigate you to your phone's native calling app and call activity will NOT be tracked in SPOTIO).
  • Text_3x.png - Text (SMS) the phone number saved to this Contact from your SPOTIO number (if no SPOTIO number is assigned, clicking this will navigate you to your phone's native texting app and text activity will NOT be tracked in SPOTIO).
  • Email_3x.png - Send an Email to the email address saved to this Contact from your integrated Email account (if Email is not integrated, clicking this will open your phone's native email app and email activities will NOT be tracked in SPOTIO)
  • Digital_Business_Card_3x.png - Send your Digital Business Card to the Contact via email or SMS. 




All activities are logged in the Lead record and will exist in either the History or the Upcoming section of the Lead, depending on if the activities have been completed.


Clicking on the History tab in the Lead record will open the Activity history. All completed Activities, including Visits, are logged in the history. Once a Visit has been logged or a scheduled event completed, it cannot be removed from the history. Notes can be added and edited after completing an activity.  


The following activities are found in the Lead History once completed:

  1. Visits
  2. Stage Changes
  3. Completed Scheduled Events 
  4. Lead Owner Changes
  5. Notes


Under the Files section of the Lead, you can attach Photos and view completed E-Contracts. 



For information on how to attach files to the Lead, click here. -Insert Link to Attaching Files 


Leads on Web

On the SPOTIO Web app, there are even more ways to find Leads and view their Details! You can search for Leads by name, address, phone number, or any other piece of contact information in the search bar at the top of the screen, view Leads on the Map and Pipeline, and you can also access them from your Comms tab by clicking the pin_icon.png icon in the top right corner of the text or email thread or next to the call record. (for more details on using calls and texts in SPOTIO, check out our Hybrid MCC article).




Lead Info and Details

When you click on a lead on Web, this will open the Lead Info quick menu. This is for quickly editing Lead information, scheduling events, assigning leads, and enrolling Contacts in Autoplays. Think of this as a snapshot of the most important Lead information that you can manipulate on the fly without leaving the page you're on. 




To view the complete data on a Lead, you'll want to view the full Lead Info page. You can access this by opening a Lead and clicking "Go To Details" from the Lead Info quick menu. This page contains everything in the quick menu, but also includes the Activity History under Activity Feed, Signed E-Contracts and Attachments, and all of the Autoplay steps scheduled for Leads enrolled in an Autoplay.





If you have further questions on how Leads work in SPOTIO, feel free to reach out to our Support team at support@spotio.com.




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