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Troubleshooting Mobile Application

Daniel Mullican
Daniel Mullican
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Troubleshooting Mobile Application

If you are encountering issues while using our mobile application please proceed with the following steps below to see if there is a change in the issue you are experiencing. Completing these steps will help us better assist you.

Note: SPOTIO is always made to perform on the latest OS version of Android and iOS.


Download SPOTIO's Mobile Application

SPOTIO - Android

SPOTIO - iPhone


Troubleshooting Steps

1. Logout of SPOTIO

2. Force close the application

3. Reopen the application and log in

If issue persists proceed to the next step

4. Delete the app and download it again then repeat step 3.

If the issue persists proceed to the next step

5. Force restart the device

6. If possible try logging in on a different device

If the issue persists proceed to the next step

7. Send us a screenshot and/or video if the issues persist to and include the information for any other users who are experiencing this issue.

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