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Brandy Billiot
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What do you want your map to tell you? This can easily be answered by colorizing. With SPOTIO's colorization feature, you are able to focus in on the data points that matter most.

What is Colorization?

Colorization is the ability to change the color of the record based on the information you are wanting to see. The color code will change depending on the selection you choose and reflect on the map.

Options to Colorize

The choices to colorize pins are by:

  • Stages 
  • Days Since Last Activity
  • Days Since Last Visit
  • Number of Visits
  • Last Visit Result 
  • Loss Reasons
  • Record Source
  • User
  • Territory
  • Last Location Status

If your account has added leads via lead machine, you are able to filter by those criteria, such as Square Footage and Median Home Income. Any single or multi-choice custom fields would also appear as an option to colorize by.

How to Use Colorization

To use colorization on the SPOTIO mobile app:

  1. Log into the SPOTIO Mobile App.
  2. Go to the Map icon.
  3. Click the funnel icon in the top right corner.
  4. Tap on Colorize Pins.
  5. Select the choice to color code the records.
  6. Click the yellow Show Results button at the bottom.


  • The Map will update to show your selection.
  • Unknown white records are displayed for leads with no data to meet the criteria.
  • Please be aware that only one Colorization filter can be used.

Pro Tip: For Setters and Canvassers, colorize by the Last Visit Result. This will show the last interaction and help you focus on moving those previous Not Home to Contacts and those previously marked Contacts to Appointments and/ or Follow Ups. 

Custom Colorization Settings

SPOTIO offers the ability to customize Time Since Last Visit and Activity Count colorization metrics in the Settings dashboard! The Colorization settings also provide Account Admins the ability to set the default map colorization value for all active users.

Screen Shot 2023-11-20 at 10.24.08 AM.png

To learn more about Custom Colorization and how to navigate and adjust these settings, please check out the Map Intelligence: Using Custom Colorization knowledge article. 


Why are all of my records gray?

In most cases, the records are gray due to being in the first stage of the pipeline. This stage is colored by default to be gray. Until the records are moved to another stage, they will stay gray unless you colorize by another option.

What do the colors mean?

There is a legend for the color coded records below the map and search bar. You can scroll to the right if needed to see all result colors.

Do I need to colorize every time I log in?

If you log out of the app and log back in, it would automatically set back to the default. If you swipe up out of the app and go back in, your original settings will still be applied. You can save your filters, including colorization, so that you can quickly apply as needed. You can learn more by checking out the Map Intelligence: My Filters article.

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