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Team Hierarchy

Did you know that you can build out a Team Hierarchy in SPOTIO to better align with your org structure?




Customers on our Business Plan or higher can leverage SPOTIO's Team Hierarchy to fine-tune Lead visibility, access, and data organization. This promotes efficiency and allows Admins to further customize user Permission settings by layering in Team Hierarchy.

This article focuses on use cases with Team Hierarchy. To learn how to create Teams in SPOTIO, check out our article on How to Create Teams.


Lead Visibility by Team

By default, Lead visibility in SPOTIO is determined by Territory access (e.g. if a rep is assigned to a territory, they will only see and work leads in that territory). You can toggle between Lead visibility by Team or Territory in SPOTIO by reaching out to our Support team ( or your designated Customer Success Manager.

When Lead visibility is set to Teams, whether or not a given sales rep is able to see a lead is dependent on whether the OWNER on that lead is assigned to the same Team (or a child of that Team). SPOTIO's Security and Permissions settings layer on top of this visibility setting, giving you options to:

1. Allow Sales Reps to view leads owned by members of their Team (or child teams on Business Plan+)

2. Allow Sales Reps to edit leads owned by members of their Team (or child teams on Business Plan+)

In this instance, Lead visibility is no longer controlled by geography-- any Sales rep assigned to the team can see the leads of any other sales rep on their team regardless of what territory they lie in. 

Territory Access can also layer on top of Team visibility, allowing you to assign reps to the same turf without them seeing each other's leads.


Why Build a Team Hierarchy?

You can use Team Hierarchies to better match SPOTIO to your company's org structure and fine-tune access. Controlling Lead Visibility by Team is generally best used when Sales reps do not work in specific geographies. 

Since they layer with Territory Access, Team Hierarchies allow you to do some pretty clever setups for Lead Visibility. There are numerous possibilities and use cases, but a common ask is:

We want to have all leads of a certain type visible to all reps on SPOTIO, regardless of Team assignment, but we still don't want them to see each other's leads.

We have you covered!

Check out the video below to see a quick tip on how to leverage Team Hierarchy and Lead Ownership to allow reps to see all of a certain kind of pin without allowing them to see other Teams' Leads.



Common Use Cases -

Here are a few examples of what you can do with this type of Team Hierarchy:

  1. Allow reps to see all Lost Leads by putting the user on the Child Team as the owner of those Leads, this will keep reps on different Teams from seeing each other’s active Leads but allow all Lost Leads to be visible to all Teams.
  2. Allow reps to see all Leads imported from a certain source by putting the user of the child team as the owner of those Leads. Reps on different Teams won’t see each other’s Leads once they start working them, but will always see Leads from this source until the Lead owner is changed to someone on their Parent Team.
  3. Allow reps to see all Leads with a certain Last Visit Result by putting the user on the Child Team as the owner of all Leads with that LVR. This would be the best approach for a company that wants all Teams to see Leads last marked as Do Not Knock or Renters if they prefer not to use SPOTIO's Pipeline to move those Leads into the Lost category.


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